What is the clean room?

This article contains spoilers from The Classroom of the Elite Light Novels.

Classroom of the Elite is an exciting slice-of-life series with rich psychological themes that make the series an enjoyable watch. The anime is based on the light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa. The two psychics tell an interesting story featuring Ayanokoji and his impact on the 1-D class within the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School.

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is the remarkably intelligent protagonist of Elite class; however, despite his intellectual prowess, he chooses to hide his gifts, causing viewers to wonder about the motive behind this action. Although few to no key details were revealed about Ayanokoji’s past in Season 1 of the anime, Season 2 revealed crucial details about his past using Professor Ayanokoji’s debut in the anime. Season 2 Episode 10 revealed a “term” called the “White Room” as integral to Ayanokoji’s childhood. So based on Elite class light novels, what should fans know about the White Room?


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What is the clean room?

The White Room was first mentioned by Kiyotaka’s father, Professor Ayanokoji, piquing viewers’ curiosity about the White Room and its connection to the story’s protagonist. Following the accounts in the Elite class light novels, the White Room is an academic institution established by Professor Ayanokoji. This academy had one major goal: to create the perfect education system, involving the removal of insignificant things that have no direct impact on education. The White Room has been around for about 20 years, educating students with extreme standards for about 20 generations.

A different set of tutor teachers in each generation. After a certain period in the experimental type education system, students of different generations will be tested to see the effectiveness of their training processes. Ideally, even if different generations of “White Roomers” existed in the same establishment, they never saw each other. The clean room was built in such a way that unimportant events like parties and other fun events never happen. Ironically, despite the level of effort put into creating the clean room, it had relatively little success in creating the ideal students. The main purpose of the White Room is to prove that true genius is born due to situational circumstances, by negating natural geniuses like Arisu Sakanayagi.

The White Room aims to develop the perfect genius-creating formula to nurture incredibly intelligent students for Japan to progress unlike any other country in history. For this to happen, the white room teaches students countless skills, knowledge of different forms of various fields, and even advanced martial arts techniques. It should be noted that all these teachings were well above that of the professional level; The White Roomers were forced to deal with advanced learning at a tender age, which largely affected their mental state. As a result of these harsh teachings, most White Roomers never fully adapted to the outside world after leaving the White Room. Of all the generations of White Room students, the 4th and 5th generations have had the best results.

The 4th generation

Of all generations of Elite class, the 4th generation received the harshest education in the history of the White House. The fundamental principle behind the 4th generation was autonomy and individualism. Each member of this generation faced overwhelming circumstances and was forced to go it alone. All the students of this generation failed these tests, except for Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, who passed them.

The 5th generation

Due to the extreme test results of the 4th Gen, the 5th Gen put more emphasis on communication. However, ironically, despite the level of effort put into communication in this generation, 5th Generation members, like Takuya Yagami, can only converse comfortably with the White Roomers and not ordinary people.

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Kiyotaka Ayanokoji – The Greatest White Room Masterpiece

Of all the students who went through the clean room, Ayanokoji stood out as the one who got the best results. As a result, there is no White Roomer who does not know Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s name. It is said that Ayanokoji excelled in all fields and subjects studied in the white room. In episode 10 of Elite class second season, Professor Ayanokoji referred to his son as “the most precious possession”, signifying how Kiyotaka impacted the academic institution. However, despite the White Hall’s success in making Ayanokoji an unprecedented genius, its main goal, creating myriad Ayanokoji-like students, has yet to be achieved. So, despite being the crown jewel of the White Room, Ayanokoji plays a small role in the institution’s grand plan.

Moreover, Ayanokoji’s fame in the white room was not without consequences. Although most of the White Roomers idolized him, some, like Takuya, hated him because they were often compared to Kiyotaka and his excellent results. Ayanokoji has become a standard that every White Roomer must meet or exceed, leading to intense jealousy and hatred among some White Roomers. Ultimately, after the White Room was closed for a year, Ayanokoji used this opportunity to escape his father’s academic clutches. It was because he wanted to find out how education worked in the world outside of the white room.

Now a member of Class 1-D, Ayanokoji acts as an observer in the new academic environment he is introduced to with the help of President Sakanayagi. What he really intends to achieve at the academy remains a mystery; however, this only adds more spice to the already exciting show.

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