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Housing Secretary William Rodríguez Rodríguez announced the signing of an agreement with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) to provide the educational institution with $ 42.6 million in funding under the program of non-federal correspondence (NFM) from CDBG-DR recovery funds.

This allocation will be used to match the state share required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Program to complete projects related to damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“We recognize the great contributions that the [UPR] brings to our company and the need to continue to support its development. As part of the reconstruction of the island and the public policy of Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi, this million dollar deal will ease the University‘s tax burden, helping it to continue its quest for education and of professional development for these and future generations, ”said Rodriguez.

Puerto Rico Housing Secretary William Rodríguez Rodríguez

The deal will be executed through the NFM program, which has an allocation of $ 1.7 billion in CDBG-DR recovery funds to help municipalities, government agencies and nonprofits in the process. recovery.

UPR President Mayra Olavarría Cruz said that “this new allocation is achieved through the institutional work that has been done, in which the staff have proven their ability, diligence and responsibility to manage FEMA grants. , as well as [from] other entities. “

“With this new mission, we are expanding the transcendent infrastructure transformation plan that we have established, focused on the development of strategic and functional projects that allow us to maximize the opportunities offered by the UPR, as a social engine, technology and economics of Puerto Rico for the community university and communities adjacent to campuses and units of the university system, ”she added.

The funds could correspond to the costs of the works which include the emergency protective measures needed at different sites to temporarily stop the leaks.

Likewise, they can include tasks aimed at alleviating the fungus created by moisture in UPR properties; costs of intervention activities to relocate medical services facilities from the Río Piedras campus; repair costs for the Faculty Residence and Campus Cayey Guests; as well as making arrangements in various buildings on the Bayamón campus, among others.

UPRRP receives a grant

It was also reported that the Río Piedras Campus (UPRRP) secured a grant of $ 1.2 million as a sub-recipient of the Small Business Incubators and Accelerators Program. This program, as reported by the educational institution, will be developed by the Innovation and Marketing Support Center (UPR i + c).

Rector UPRRP

Luis A. Ferrao Delgado, Rector of the UPR – Campus Río Piedras.

The Small Business Incubator and Accelerator Program encourages the expansion or establishment of services for the incubation and acceleration of small businesses, in addition to the expansion of workplaces to provide such services.

$ 1.9 million has also been allocated to the UPRRP as a sub-recipient under the vocational training program to be developed by the Distance Education Division. The vocational training program aims to prepare residents of Puerto Rico with the skills needed to find employment in industries that will boost the island’s economy over the next decade.

“The grant from the Puerto Rico Housing Department to the proposal submitted by our [UPR i+c] is not only a huge stimulus for the project for the benefit of entrepreneurs in need of support, but is also a full recognition of the relevance of the University of Puerto Rico and our campus to the society that houses us ”, UPRRP Rector Luis A said Ferrao Delgado.

The Dean pointed out that “the granting of CDBG-DR funds under the vocational training program is a big boost to our campus’s efforts to expand its program of short courses and professional certifications. Through this new job development program, around 30 online certifications will be offered to the unemployed in fields related to technology, manufacturing and health, among others. Those trained will eventually be referred to employment offices and other entities. “

For more information on the program, visit cdbg-dr.pr.gov.

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