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Patton went on to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Louisiana Tech University. He knows it’s mouthful, but the field combines Patton’s love for psychology and his love for numbers.

As an organizational psychologist and senior executive at Facebook, Patton helps his company create a better work environment with the goal of helping organizations create a better place for their employees using “people analytics”.

“We use data analytics to help us understand information across the organization,” Patton said. “We also use human behavior theories like what are the natural theories that would make someone more motivated or more satisfied at work. It’s basically the science behind HR.

Patton’s specialty has taken him from coast to coast to coast working for industry giants like PepsiCo. and Google in New York and California.

Now Patton has moved to Austin, Texas, with the position of Head of People Analytics for Facebook. While Lone Star State has a lot to offer, Patton said there is no place like Magnolia State. Born in Greenville and raised in Batesville, Patton has a special connection to the Mississippi.

“One of the things that has prepared me for all the different roles is the community aspect of Mississippi and how friendly people are,” Patton said. “You meet people from all walks of life in Mississippi, which I really appreciate. I think being able to interact with and find something in common with literally anyone in any spectrum is such a precious thing that a lot of people in Mississippi have. Not everywhere I go outside of (Mississippi) has this.

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