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The Harvard Undergraduate Council passed legislation to formally support Harvard graduate students before a possible strike and to expand funds to support printing and laundry costs for students eligible for financial aid.

The first act issues an official statement by Tuesday in solidarity with the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Automobile Workers, which plans to strike for three days from Wednesday if its demands in contract negotiations are not met.

“The Harvard Undergraduate Council supports these demands and cares about the well-being of graduate students,” the legislation says.

The statement itself notes that graduate students “play a crucial role in the undergraduate educational experience.”

“We are keenly aware of the time and effort they invest in students,” the statement said.

The statement says the current benefits graduate students receive are “inconsistent” with their workloads, and the demands of HGSU-UAW are “intertwined” with the needs of hourly undergraduate students. Undergraduate research assistants are represented by the Graduate Students Union.

The UC, in adopting its statement, supported HGSU-UAW’s calls for independent arbitration for discrimination and sexual harassment complaints, as well as increased compensation and benefits.

In an interview on Friday, College Dean Rakesh Khurana said there was “goodwill on both sides to reach a resolution,” but the College was conducting contingency planning to avoid the impacts. academic.

The act of adopting the declaration was sponsored by Lowell House representative LyLena D. Estabine ’24 and Pforzheimer House representative Shreya P. Nair ’24 and was adopted 40-0-0.

The second bill allocates $ 10,000 to subsidize printing and laundry for undergraduates. The Printing and Laundry Grant program was created in the 2019-2020 academic year to support low-income students who may be burdened by these expenses.

“A printing and laundry subsidy has been successfully tested in YY 19-20 and YY 20-21, and has been well received by students according to subsequent reviews,” the legislation says.

As a result, UC will continue the program this semester, offering grants to up to 500 college students – 200 freshmen, 100 sophomores, 100 juniors, and 100 seniors.

Students who express interest in the program will be entered into a lottery to be one of these 500 students, who will receive a $ 20 grant into their Crimson Cash accounts.

The legislation was sponsored by 17 representatives, including freshmen and postgraduates.

Also on Sunday, UC passed a bill to issue a statement calling for the Smith Campus Center to return to being open 24 hours a day.

“Smith Campus Center is the most important shared study space for Harvard students, as a space specially designed for effective studies,” the legislation says.

The legislation was sponsored by Crimson Yard Rep Ethan C. Kelly ’25 and Dunster House Rep Samuel H. Taylor ’24.

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