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Navy veteran Justine Miller, who lives in Bradenton, Fla., Attended college training camp in July and also became convinced she could be successful in a STEM program. In the camp, she learned from professors teaching in medical fields to professors teaching coding. She applied to the AU and plans to specialize in Cyber ​​Operations with an emphasis on Defense and Forensics.

Justine Miller, a Marine Corps veteran, learns to administer first aid using a corpse doll. She attended this year’s varsity boot camp at the University of Arizona and is interested in cybersecurity and software engineering.

Stephen Westby, Warrior Scholar Project

She served in the Marines for over five years as an aviation electronics technician repairing aircraft parts, and spent over three years in Okinawa, Japan. Miller, 30, comes from a long line of veterans, all serving in the military except herself and her younger sister, another Marine.

Professor Gregory Redhouse, assistant professor of economics in the School of Business and Social Science at Diné College of the Navajo Nation in Tsaile, Ariz., Volunteers with the AU Warrior-Scholar Project. “I give them an introduction to what students can expect from teachers and examples of different teaching styles. I explain the importance of being prepared for the class,” Redhouse said. He explains to students how to “gut a book, like a fish” in order to complete all assigned readings for the class.

“You take a book and read the whole introduction, and read the first page and the last page of each chapter, and read the whole conclusion. You will then have a good grasp of the book. But, if there is a gray area so go back to the chapter and read the whole chapter. I make sure to share that with them, “Redhouse said.

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