They create the first network of Argentinian media genre publishers

Argentina now has a network of genre editors. It is made up of nine journalists from different media in the country – among which TN– and have the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The Network is symbolically launched around November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It will aim to “address the challenges faced by those who hold this post today for journalism from a gender and human rights perspective.”

“The Network will not only carry out activities and develop content, but will seek to systematize collective experiences and learning to take them as a reference in the face of new appointments to this post, in Argentina and in the region,” said the Organization. United Nations for the population. Fund in a press release. .

Who is part of the Gender Editors Network

  • Marina Abiuso (TN / Artear). Journalist with experience on several platforms. Gender editor in TN and Trece news channel since 2021.
  • Carmen amateur. Journalist. Social communicator, graduate of the National University of Jujuy. Genre editor La Tribune de Jujuy since January 1, 2020. She is a digital communication consultant with a gender perspective.
  • Mariana Iglesias. Work in the newspaper Bugle since 1996. In 2019, she was named Gender Editor-in-Chief, the region’s premier.
  • Laura Loncopan Berti. Feminist journalist. Columnist at the newspaper’s Neuquén agency Black river and since December 2019 genre editor.
  • Julia lopez. Since November 2019, she has been a gender editor at University, the media system of the National University of Cuyo.
  • Silvina molina. Gender and Diversity Editor-in-Chief of Télam, the Argentinian public press agency. Consultant for international organizations in communication and gender. Coach.
  • Gabriela pellegrini. Feminist journalist. Editor-in-chief of Gender and Diversities in Chaco’s public media. Communication consultant with a gender and human rights perspective. Advertiser. Co-founder of the digital magazine Bohemia Project which he also currently co-directs.
  • Clarise Sanchez Soloaga. Degree in Social Communication. He is currently in charge of institutional communication for the Foundation for Human Rights, Equity and Gender (Fundheg). Genre Newspaper editor Republic of Corrientes. Collaboration on communication books with a UNC team.
  • Gabriela weller. Gender Editor of the SRT (Multimedia of the National University of Córdoba) since November 2019. Member of the PAR Network (Argentinian Journalists Networked for Non-Sexist Communication).

The Network plans to invite media authorities across the country to participate in a commitment to journalism with a gender and human rights perspective.

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