There will be a 9/11 memorial in Newburyport Massachusetts

World Trade Center steel arrives in Newburyport

There will be a 9/11 memorial at the Newburyport Fire Department and the memorial’s first commemorative piece arrived with a police escort. Many lined the streets of Newburyport to watch officers give the World Trade Center 80 pound piece of steel making its way with a police escort through the town according to

Art design

According to, the steel of the World Trade Center was fashioned into two vertical pieces intended to represent the Twin Towers. It will be a permanent display at the Newburyport Fire Department to remind us across the country of that day’s attacks and the lives lost. The Newbury, Massachusetts Fire Department plans to build a larger memorial, and the World Trade Center steel twin towers will be the first installment.

Never forget

We have a generation of children growing up who have no memory of the attack on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the plane that crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA. My youngest was only 9 months old when it happened. What a wonderful idea to put up memorials throughout the county so that we never forget the more than 2,600 lives lost that day and the hundreds of first responders who valiantly gave their lives that day. For most of us, the event still elicits a visceral reaction, but it is important that our children learn about the attack and the brave men and women who lost their lives.

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