Tech Specs: Josue N Rivera ’21: The Value of Faculty Mentorship | College of Engineering

Josue explains how faculty mentorship and new research opportunities have inspired her academic journey.

Josue completed the accelerated BS / MS program at UMassD and is currently pursuing a double doctorate at Purdue University.

“I attended UMass Dartmouth for my undergraduate degree and found inspiration in research conducted by various professors in the computer science department,” says Josue N. Rivera, who initially received his bachelor’s degree in the domain. “So when I learned about the BS + MS programs, I knew I wanted to continue my graduate studies at UMass Dartmouth’s College of Engineering. “

Josue says he sincerely believes that the quality of faculty students meet has a profound impact on a student’s professional development, especially at the graduate level. “At UMass Dartmouth, I had great teachers every semester from start to finish. During my master’s program, I worked directly with these teachers. I discovered new topics and explored new research in my field that I probably wouldn’t have learned if I had explored on my own, ”he says.

“The research I worked on at UMass Dartmouth, in particular that on graph-induced lifelong learning through the similarities and dissimilarities of features, made me stand out from the crowd. competition when applying for internships and doctoral programs. He demonstrated innovative and innovative solutions to the challenges that exist today in machine learning. “

Josue received her master’s degree in computer science last summer and was a research associate intern at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, California. He is a graduate research assistant at Purdue University where he is simultaneously completing two doctoral programs: one in aeronautics and astronautics and the other in computer science.

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