TalentSprint and IIT Hyderabad partner to develop visual design and user experience expertise among professionals

Hyderabad, Telangana, India:
In today’s world where users rely on the virtual experiences offered by connected devices to work, play, shop and do virtually everything, visual design and user experience are becoming key pillars of a company’s digital transformation strategy. Globally, businesses are realizing the importance of focusing on customer enjoyment to win in a fiercely competitive market, which in turn requires a deep understanding of user needs and wants. Unsurprisingly, over the past decade, design-focused companies have seen equity performance growth of 228% versus the S&P index, quotes HBR (Connect).

Target audience: Aspiring and active designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, animators, UI / UX professionals in several fields
Eligibility: Graduates with more than one year of experience
Certification authority: IIT Hyderabad
Duration and format: 6-month online interactive program
Fresh: INR 3 lakhs with easy EMI options. Limited scholarships available.
Start date of cohort 1: August 2021
Click here to apply: https://bit.ly/3yZfc6p

With the prevalence of visual design and user experience, companies are investing heavily in design centers, hiring design teams, and running programs to instill design appreciation in employees.. AAccording to LinkedIn, UX is one of the 10 most in-demand skills for driving social innovation, web design, smart city, IoT and product design, interface and AR / VR (Connect).

India, ready to embark on its digital transformation, offers an excellent career for professionals with deep appreciation for visual design and UX. To meet this demand, TalentSprint, a leading EdTech company of the NSE group, launched the PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience in partnership with IIT Hyderabad, one of the fastest growing IITs in India with a top 10 NIRF ranking.

The six-month program, which was designed by the Design Department at IIT Hyderabad, aims to teach working professionals how to create user-centered digital experiences. The program includes the essential elements of design and design thinking, visual thinking, digital storytelling, graphic design and visual branding. The program will be delivered in an interactive master class format live on TalentSprint’s patent-pending digital learning platform ipearl.ai. A hands-on program, it will allow participants to bring their own projects and solve them during the program or choose from a wide range of shortlisted projects in various fields including design for the web, social innovation, IoT and Product Design, Livable Cities, AR / VR, Education, etc. A campus tour is likely at the end of the six-month program, where participants can present their work to industry experts and leading academics.

Prof Deepak John Mathew, Head of Design Department, IIT Hyderabad and the dean of the program, said: “Our department maintains a dynamic environment to explore several facets of design. It is home to the Design Innovation Center (DIC), which serves as a bridge between academia and industry and aims to solve real-world problems using design. In today’s world, design has become even more critical, with every industry being digitally disrupted and every customer expecting a seamless experience on multi-connected devices. We are thrilled with this program which, in partnership with TalentSprint, will allow us to share our learnings with working professionals and catalyze India’s digital transformation.

Dr Santanu Paul, CEO and Managing Director of TalentSprint, said: “For decades India has been globally competitive in software development and known to be a premier IT talent pool. Complementing this with design-driven innovation will catalyze India’s digital transformation journey. UX and visual design have enormous career potential across the globe and Indian design professionals can become globally competitive once they have access to world-class learning. We are convinced that the PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience will be a game changer for anyone who wants to learn how to create a high impact user experience in real world products and applications.

the PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience is now accepting applications for the first cohort which will start in August 2021. Please visit the program page (connect) to find out more and apply.


TalentSprint, a NSE Group company, delivers high-end, high-tech transformational learning programs to young and experienced professionals. The company’s digital platform ipearl.ai offers a hybrid on-premise / online experience to researchers with deep technological expertise. TalentSprint partners with the best academic institutions and global companies to create and deliver world-class programs, certifications and results. It is a leading innovation partner for the National Skill Development Corporation, a branch of the Department of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India.www.talentsprint.com.


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About IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad has been consistently ranked as one of India’s Top Ten Engineering Institutions. It has created a holistic educational ecosystem that offers cutting-edge research, industry collaboration and entrepreneurship. The Design Department, in particular, has facilitated innovation in the areas of collaborative design, sustainability, product systems and services, design and education, participatory design and more. IIT Hyderabad is also home to the i-TIC Foundation, a technology business incubator that provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. For more information visit https://www.iith.ac.in/

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