Struggling With Letters, This Kerala Youth Faces Life’s Challenges With His Palette | Kerala News

At 21, Muhammed Nadeer has not yet understood the writing process. He has learning difficulties that require the help of a scribe to help him pass his exams. However, when he handles his brush on a canvas, nothing can stop him. For him, painting is a way of resisting the challenges that life throws at him.

An exhibition of Nadeer’s works in Kochi has already caught the attention of art connoisseurs in the city. The 21 acrylic paintings exhibited at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery testify to his ever-growing passion for the palette.

“Transient Moods” is his first show and some works from the show have already been sold. The art exhibition is curated by Njattuvela, a WhatsApp collective. All the works in the exhibition were made by Nadeer as part of his projects at the Government Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram, where he is an undergraduate student.

Born in Thiruvegappura near Pattambi in Palakkad district in 2001, Nadeer’s journey to becoming an artist has never been easy. He had to overcome a financial and social delay to realize his dream. He had shown a keen interest in drawing from childhood. He first caught the attention of many with his talent for sketching snapshot portraits of the guests who come to attend various functions at his school.

He received primary training in his art at the Silpachithra School in Pattambi with the immense support of Dr. Sreekumar of Thiruvegappura. After passing Plus Two with the help of a scribe, he joined the Government Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram. At that time, his works had already been noticed by many people on social networks. He also had the support of his teacher and famous Malayalam poet P Raman.

A cropped version of a work by Nadeer displayed at the “Transient Moods” art exhibition. Photo: special arrangement

“I have always received immense support from my teachers in school. In college too, I receive support from my teachers and friends. I want to pursue an MFA and become a teacher,” Nadeer told Onmanorama He wants to pursue his masters degree in a reputable college of arts outside Kerala.

Even in college, the theory exams for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) course continued to be a challenge for Nadeer unlike the practical tests which he could pass easily. Nadeer needs the help of a scribe to pass exams for items like art history.

“The large number of academic papers in the curriculum is evidence of the sad fact that our fine arts classes are still not friendly with students like Nadeer who is good at his art,” P Raman pointed out. Nadeer wants to do an MFA after completing his BFA.

He said Nadeer’s work would convince us of the need to reorganize fine arts courses in such a way as to make them easily accessible to highly talented students who wish to obtain advanced training in the field despite the difficulties in passing the written exams for particular reasons.

Nadeer’s father, Seithalavi, is no more. He lives in a Lakshamveed settlement in Thiruvegappura with his mother Sajitha. He completed his education from Thiruvegappuram GUP School, Naripparamb and Government Higher Secondary School Janatha, Naduvattam.

The Njattuvela WhatsApp collective has been very supportive of Nadeer’s artistic journey from the start. The collective decided to organize the exhibition because they believe that Nadeer’s works are a revealing testimony to the art that resurrects human beings.

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