StreamerSquare, co-founded by Lowco and TheHunterWild, officially releases a new resource: SolarStream

The company focused on education for streamers released the latest draft.

LOS ANGELES, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – StreamerSquare, a digital education platform founded by Lowco, has officially launched its latest online project, SolarStream. StreamerSquare was originally founded by Lowco- who brought Wild Hunter as a partner and co-owner. Both are widespread full-time streamers who are committed to using their experience and expertise in streaming and online content creation to provide guidance to the next generation of streamers. The platform hosts a variety of educational content regarding career advancement, personal development and more for streamers. StreamerSquare is a resource hub for advanced and novice streamers. Their most recent effort, SolarStream, is a brand new educational service and resource for streamers. SolarStream is based on a membership program that delivers top-notch, premium education, and presents a new way for creators to build their brand and enhance their content.

Behind SolarStream and the StreamerSquare platform are two talented people in the field of video games. Lowco, the founder of StreamerSquare is a full time Twitch partner and streamer. In addition to her streaming expertise, she is accompanied by her partner, Wild Hunter. Hunter is a former game designer and artist who fell into the streaming space, and is now a full-time streamer as well. The two come together to guide the next generation of streaming content creators by providing them with hands-on services, coaching, reviews and live broadcasts. With content like tutorials that show streamers how to add closed captions to their streams for accessibility, and even a database for free and secure music, the platform is equipped with everything you need. need to launch a career in streaming.

Today, the platform launched its new project; SolarStream. SolarStream is a full-fledged resource center for streamers, regardless of their level of expertise. Site features free services– such as access to articles which provide information on a wide variety of subjects, access to a whole “Pre-verification” section; which covers the basics of becoming a streamer, as well as access to the community and the StreamerSquare network. SolarStream provides users Membership Services that give individuals access to over 30 courses ranging from Growing Your Stream, to alternative income sources and everything in between. From business and logistics to content, and even technology and equipment; new courses and content are added regularly to keep resources relevant and give members exclusive sneak preview access to the latest platform features. On top of that, users get access to member-only giveaways and discounts.

Hunter said, “What we’re doing with SolarStream absolutely sets a standard in the streaming space for education and opportunities. It is easy to find information disseminated on the Internet, but there is very little that helps you know if that information is good, current, or even correct. We aim to eliminate this struggle completely by putting quality, up-to-date and real-world tested resources in the hands of creators. SolarStream is creating a new facet in the streaming industry by providing the standard for educating streamers at all stages. of their trip. “I created StreamerSquare 7 years ago because I was trying to learn to broadcast and it was difficult to gather information from all over the internet. SolarStream is a resource that I wish I had when I started, ”Lowco said.

Lowco and Hunter continue to push the boundaries of the streaming industry by encouraging others to pursue their streaming aspirations. With their business, they emphasize the importance of community support and the value of knowledge sharing.

For more information, please visit the SolarStream website.


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