Steve Bien: Critical Race Theory Provides Canonical Legal Analysis


It’s a shame that the Gardiner School administrators gave in so easily to accusations that their advanced English curriculum taught, God forbid, critical race theory.

In fact, thanks to deceptive edicts and laws all over the United States, educators are also being warned against teaching almost anything to do with race.

Critical Race Theory, which is taught in advanced courses at some law schools, is a particular analysis of the American legal canon. It has almost nothing to do with the race-based teaching that students may experience in high school literature and history.

You don’t study CRT by reading about the civil rights movement, voting rights, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, the Tulsa massacre or the origin of our new June 17th vacation.

Under the banner of protecting students from CRT, these students are rather deprived of valuable advanced readings and learning. As a result, they will be less prepared for the larger and more complicated world that awaits them after high school.

Exactly what high school is supposed to do.

Steve Good, Jay

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