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The Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor works with the Quiz Tool (classic quizzes and new quizzes) in WebCampus. To set up a (classic) quiz in WebCampus that requires students to use LockDown Browser, follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate your quiz in WebCampus (you must create the quiz in WebCampus before attempting to access Browser LockDown).

2nd step: To select Browser locked in the course menu. You will be redirected to the LockDown browser dashboard, where all the quizzes in the course are listed. Quizzes that require students to use LockDown Browser are labeled as Mandatory. Quizzes that do not require students to use LockDown Browser are labeled as Not required.

[Figure 1] Screenshot of the LockDown browser dashboard.

Step 3: Click the down arrow next to the exam title, then Settings from the drop-down menu to require or not require Browser Lockdown.

Screenshot of LockDown browser settings.
[Figure 2] Screenshot of LockDown browser settings.

Step 4: Optional: Create an access code to share with the University Testing Center (UTC). An exam access code is optional. However, if your exam can be taken at UTC, you must create an access code to share with UTC invigilators.

Step 5: Select one of the necessary items Advanced settings which are available:

  • Require LockDown Browser to show comments and results. If students are allowed to view the test after they complete it or after it has been graded by the instructor, you can require them to use the LockDown browser to review it. This will prevent students from copying and pasting questions or answers outside of the test.
  • Lock students in the browser until the exam is complete. Students are not allowed to leave the exam until they have submitted it. If this option is do not selected, students can exit the exam before submitting it. This is sometimes used in test centers where a proctor can enter a password to exit an exam early.
  • Allow students to take the exam with an iPad (using the free LockDown Browser app). If you have students who plan to experiment with the iPad, be sure to select this option.
  • Allow students to access a list of specified web domains during the test. This setting allows students to access specific named web domains; any website students attempt to access that is not listed here will be blocked. Read more about this setting here: Access external web domains in LockDown Browser. Note that this setting can be used to allow students to access an e-book or whiteboard on the web. Please see the Respondus Faculty FAQ page for more information.
  • Enable the Calculator feature in the LockDown browser toolbar. This setting enables a standard or scientific calculator in the LockDown browser toolbar.
  • Activate the print function in the toolbar of the LockDown browser. This setting enables a print button on the LockDown browser toolbar that will allow students to print the screen.
  • For more information, select the [explain] link following each parameter.

Step 6: Click on save and close to apply the settings. Once recorded, the phrase “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” will automatically be added to the quiz title.

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