Seize the Opportunity to Accelerate Personalized Healthcare in Asia Pacific


The pandemic brought healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region at a unique time. COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in the health system and amplified health inequalities. He also vividly demonstrated how a shared sense of urgency and a common goal galvanized unprecedented innovation, accelerated regulation and the move towards sustainability. There is a risk, however, that as the pandemic subsides, the region may lose this innovation drive.

The crisis is far from over in APAC. Health systems shocked by a pandemic still struggle to cope with the twin challenges of the fallout from missed diagnoses, delayed treatments and pressures to do more with less in the face of growing patient populations and increasing burden non-communicable diseases. COVID-19 has shown how inefficient a hospital-centric model of care is and that the future of care requires patient-centric virtual care and data-driven solutions integrated into the continuum of care, from prevention from precision to personalized care.

APAC’s health systems are very complex, with enormous disparities in terms of access, coverage and quality between countries and often within countries. Too often, regulation is fragmented and fails to keep pace with emerging technologies, creating barriers to scaling up much-needed technology solutions and limiting the value it can create from evidence-based decision making. data to fight inequalities.

As the world reinvents public health, APAC has a unique opportunity to dramatically advance health at scale to ensure a better future for those who may not have a voice now. Personalized healthcare and shifting a one-size-fits-all approach by embracing innovation and decision-making based on real-world data and evidence are key to achieving long-term resilience. This requires close collaboration across the ecosystem and responsive regulatory frameworks to support the rapidly changing environment of health technology and digital data. The Asia-Pacific Custom Health Index can help kick-start this shift, providing the tools and tangible recommendations to help policymakers meet challenges and build resilient and sustainable health systems.

At the HIMSS21 conference on October 19, Ryan harper, Managing Director of Roche Singapore; Dr Charles Alessi, clinical director of HIMSS; Dr Nares Damrongchai, CEO of Genepeutic Bio; and Peter Forbes, Group Chief Digital Officer, National University Health System, Singapore, will discuss why the present moment provides the ideal conditions for digital innovation in healthcare in APAC in a session titled “The right care at the right time: why now is the time for personalized health care. ‘1 These experts will provide new insight into how mission-based ecosystem collaboration and agile regulation can optimize evidence-based innovation and play an important role in fighting disease and improving health outcomes. .

1You will need to register for the HIMSS21 APAC event to access this link. The event is free for all health organizations.


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