Schools director gets one-year contract extension (watch video here)

May 23, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

Based on the high overall ratings awarded by the Board of Education in a recent performance review, Principal of Schools Patrick Cripps has been granted a one-year contract extension.

At Monday night’s regular monthly meeting, the board voted 6-0 to grant the extension. Those who voted for were President Shaun Tubbs, Vice President Jim Beshearse and fellow members Danny Parkerson, Kate Miller, Alan Hayes and Jamie Cripps. Jason Miller was absent.

Cripps’ annual salary will remain at $98,000, but he will be entitled to the same salary increases the Commission will give to all laid-off employees in the future.

Cripps’ contract was to run until June 30, 2023, but with the one-year extension, he will now serve as manager until at least June 30, 2024. Cripps has served as manager since July 2015.

The results of the school board’s annual performance appraisal of Principal Cripps show that he is meeting “most” of the board’s expectations.

The average overall Cripps score is 4.40 out of a possible score of 6.

According to state law, the school board is required to develop and implement an evaluation plan for use annually by the principal of schools. Board members used a four-page evaluation form to rate Director Cripps (1-6) in each of 60 areas across eight categories, including his relationship to the board, community, staff and staff , Educational Leadership, Business and Finance, Personal Suitability, Strategic Planning Skills, and Tennessee-Specific Issues.

A grade of “1” meant that his performance was “consistently below expectations”. A “5” rating meant that Cripps “met all expectations.” A note with an asterisk

The symbol or 6 meant that it “exceeded expectations”.

The other notes were:

“2”-meets few expectations

“3”-meets certain expectations

“4” – meets most expectations

Each member of the jury scored Cripps in all areas of the categories on the form. The scores were then averaged to arrive at the total score. Completed forms were sent to officials at the Tennessee School Boards Association where the scores were compiled and averaged.

In the overall assessment report, Cripps received the highest score (4.70) in “board relations”. He got the lowest score (3.96) in the “Tennessee-specific questions.”
A breakdown of Cripps’ scores in the eight-goal assessment was:

Average performance targets
Council Relations

Community relations

Staff and Staff Relations

Pedagogical direction

Business and finance

Personal qualities

Strategic planning skills

Tennessee Specific Questions

Grand Total Average


in other cases, Director Cripps made his monthly personnel report.

Michael Merriman was employed for ISS at DCHS/DMS

The employees who have been granted leave as requested are Nancy Cowan; Ana Jarvis, Kenzie Morris, Josh Odom, Gabby Robinson and Jalene Vanatta.

The employees who resigned or retired are as follows:

DWS teacher Martha Damron quits

Debbie Eaton, teaching assistant at DCHS, retired

Regina Estes, receptionist at DCHS, retired

Janine Morgan, teacher at SES, retired

Tony Poss, bus driver, quit

DCHS teacher Corey Rathbone quits

Dalton Stallings, ISS, DCHS/DMS, resigned

Jalene Vanatta, teacher at DWS, retired

Vicki Wilson, DWS teacher, retired

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