Russian Missile Strike University in Mykolaiv – KyivPost

Russian invaders continue to bomb and destroy universities in Mykolaiv, depriving the citizens of Mykolaiv of the opportunity to earn a university degree. “In Mykolaiv, Russian troops hit Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University with two missiles,” Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych wrote on Telegram.

“The Russian occupiers fired on another university in Mykolaiv – our Mohylyanka University,” its message read.

“A few days ago, I posted a video showing that there is no military base there. Ordinary university workers are working there, receiving documents from applicants and issuing diplomas,” he said. reported Senkevych.

“And tonight, two Russian missiles flew there. They are real terrorists who, under the guise of their propaganda, continue to destroy our educational institutions,” the mayor stressed.

According to him, only a security guard was in the university at the time of the bombardment. He was not injured.

The shock wave damaged buildings in front of the facility. Municipal authorities will provide OSB panels and other building materials for repair to anyone who needs them.

Utility workers are currently clearing the area near the university so that traffic can access it.

Earlier, on July 15, Russian invading forces launched a rocket attack on two universities in Mykolaiv, the National Shipbuilding University and the National Sukhomlynsky University.

Speaking on July 15, the head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration, Vitaly Kim, confirmed that both universities had been hit by shelling.

“Now they are attacking our education. I call on universities in all democratic countries to declare Russia what it is, a terrorist,” Kim urged.

Despite continued destruction and shelling by Russian forces, universities in Mykolaiv are preparing for the new academic year.

On August 5, the Sukhomlynsky University team was cleaning up the aftermath of the Russian military bombardment of two buildings and a dormitory. According to the rector of the university, Valeriy Budak, more than half of the material and technical base of the university was damaged by more than 50%. The building of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics suffered the greatest destruction and half of it will have to be dismantled.

“A rocket hit the foundations there, and we are going to dismantle half of that building. For me, it’s something personal, like a family. Because it was this faculty, this educational institution that gave me a ticket in life,” said Valeriy Budak.

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