Qualifying Hannaford Employees Can Now Receive Husson University Tuition Fee Discounts

SCARBOROUGH – Scarborough-headquartered Hannaford Supermarkets and Husson University work together to help Hannaford employees earn professional certificates, undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees. Students have the choice of taking online courses or taking courses at the Bangor campus of Husson University.

“With more than 180 stores and nearly 30,000 associates located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, Hannaford employees are spread over a significant geographic area,” said Marie Hansen, JD, PhD, SHRM-SCP, Dean of the College of Business and of the New England School of Communications (NESCom) at Husson University. “Our robust online capabilities and our Bangor, Maine campus are ideally suited to help these busy professionals successfully access the types of higher education that can lead to career success.”

Husson University’s online undergraduate degree offerings include programs in accounting, business administration, marketing, psychology, legal studies, and criminal justice, to name a few. . The university also offers a variety of graduate programs online. These degree programs include masters in business administration with concentrations in risk management, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and business analysis. For a complete list of Husson University online degree programs, visit https://www.husson.edu/online/online-degrees/.

“Husson University helps Hannaford provide a cost-effective option for our associates to pursue graduate studies and develop their skills,” said Matthew Rothman, Manager of Young Talent Development at Hannaford. “Partnering locally and extending advancement opportunities to our associates is another example of how Hannaford cares about our associates and our community. “

Any Hannaford employee who meets the company’s employment requirements and then successfully applies to Husson University and is enrolled in an uncapped undergraduate or graduate program may receive a discount. 15% on tuition fees. This includes the popular Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Husson University. More Maine students choose to get their MBA from Husson University than any other college or university in the state.

Hannaford employees who wish to earn a graduate degree in pharmacy will be eligible for a 10% discount, provided they meet Hannaford’s employment requirements and are accepted into the program, after successfully applying at Husson University.

In addition to these discounts, Hannaford employees will be eligible for exemption from their application fees if they follow Husson’s admission procedures and agree to become an undergraduate or graduate continuing education student at the ‘University.

Hannaford employees who have previously obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized and accredited institution are welcome to apply to Husson’s graduate programs. As an added benefit for students pursuing an MBA, Husson University will offer a leveling course that can be taken online. This will provide students, who have a degree in a discipline other than business, with the basic training they will need to successfully complete their MBA studies.

Hannaford employees who have taken university courses have the opportunity to further reduce the cost of their studies by requesting a credit transfer. Those interested in applying for undergraduate transfer credits should contact Transfer Admissions by calling 207-941-7024 or by emailing Stephanie Cadwell, Associate Director of Transfer Admissions at [email protected] Those interested in applying transfer credits to their MBA program should contact Husson University Graduate Admissions by calling them at 207-404-5661 or by sending them an email at [email protected] Undergraduate and graduate admissions are more than happy to answer any questions individuals may have about the admissions process.

“Husson University is home to the largest College of Business in Maine, with over 1,400 students enrolled in our management programs. We have been providing business training for over 123 years, ”said Hansen. “In addition to providing a high quality education, Husson University degrees are affordable. This makes Husson University an incredible value and the smart choice for business education.

Qualified Hannaford employees can also enroll in any of the 48 undergraduate programs and 45 Husson certificates available on the university’s Bangor campus. This includes all programs offered by Husson’s College of Business, College of Health and Pharmacy, College of Science and Humanities, and New England School of Communications (NESCom). A complete list of undergraduate and graduate programs at Husson University is available at https://www.husson.edu/academics/degrees/.

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