Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform Enhancements Protect Users Against BEC and Supply Chain Attacks

Proofpoint has announced a series of new innovations to its Threat Protection Platform, enabling enterprises to combat today’s most advanced and prevalent threats, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC ) and supply chain attacks.

The enhancements provide organizations with exceptional visibility and detection of email fraud, defense against third-party and vendor compromise, and machine learning (ML) and behavioral analytics, all available through a new easy-to-deploy online API model.

“Email fraud and supply chain attacks have reached higher levels of concern for security teams in both impact and frequency,” said Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint. “Our mission is to develop AI-powered security innovations that protect people and defend their data against today’s most dangerous risks. Being the number one deployed Fortune 1000 solution with hundreds of thousands of customers overall means that our models are trained with the best datasets, allowing us to detect threats to our customers more accurately and with fewer false negatives and false positives than any other solution we tested.

Supernova behavioral analysis engine

Available to Proofpoint messaging security customers worldwide as a free detection stack upgrade, the Supernova behavioral engine is integrated into Proofpoint’s broader detection suite. It provides high-efficiency, low-false-positive detection of non-malware threats such as BEC and vendor fraud, as well as malware-based threats such as ransomware. Using language, relationships, cadence, and context to detect abnormal patterns in communications sent to employees, it prevents threats in real time using advanced AI and ML.

Since its May 2022 introduction to select customers, Supernova Behavioral Engine has blocked 19 million BEC and phishing attacks per month, including a BEC attack that attempted to steal $194 million. In addition to powerful detection capabilities, it also powers a new, uncommon sender email warning label that provides real-time context about the message, allowing employees to be extra careful and report the e-mail directly for analysis and correction.

The new behavioral engine has also fueled the creation of over a billion HTML-based email warning tags. As part of the investigation provided by Proofpoint, email security customers can view behavioral information to understand how and why a message was identified and blocked as a threat.

Detection and visibility of compromised supplier accounts

Our Voice of the CISO 2022 report found that more than a quarter of global CISOs (27%) believe supply chain attacks will become one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in their industry over the next year. Proofpoint provides early access functionality to help security teams gain visibility into potentially compromised vendor and third-party accounts.

Leveraging both analytics and machine learning, Proofpoint’s threat detection platform builds a foundation of communication patterns between organizations and uniquely combines behavioral and threat signals to detect accounts payable. potentially compromised. If a known or trusted provider suddenly sends malicious emails or messages to multiple recipients it has not yet communicated with, organizations can get ahead of the compromised account without relying on the provider to report it.

In-depth analyzes into the target recipients, threats associated with the potentially compromised account, and the number of other organizations in the Proofpoint ecosystem that were also targeted from the compromised account provide additional context, allowing security analysts to prioritize or automate remediation efforts.

New deployment option using APIs and inline architecture

All Proofpoint solution bundles are now available with a new deployment option using both APIs and inline architecture to provide advanced cloud-based and AI-powered protection to complement native Microsoft 365 defenses. offering customers greater choice and flexibility. Configured in minutes, the new deployment mode requires no changes to MX records and provides inline protection to prevent malicious emails from reaching the inbox.

Powered by advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence, the threat protection platform effectively blocks email pre-delivery to reduce the risk of users interacting with content Malware of all types, from malware to credential attacks to pure social engineering. It also includes industry-unique threat intelligence and risk visibility in the TAP Dashboard and Nexus People Risk Explorer, and offers integrations such as TAP Guided Training, VAP Isolation, and Security Mailbox. CLEAR abuse.

Proofpoint PX

Available now, the PX package uses the new API and inline architecture to provide protection for organizations that prefer pre-configured policies and do not need advanced features such as click-time protection for URLs or attachment sandboxing. PX also does not require changes to MX records. Using machine learning, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence, it blocks sophisticated BEC attacks, phishing, supply chain, and ransomware attacks with the best effectiveness rate in the world. sector (false positives in less than 1 in 4 million messages) before they reach the inbox.

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