Podcast: COP26 and climate justice for the Pacific

In this episode of Political Forum Module, Siobhan McDonnell and George Carter join us for a powerful and confrontational conversation on the impact of climate change in the Pacific Island region ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

Despite their enormous disadvantage in terms of resources and delegation size, what strategies have Pacific island countries used to be so effective in international climate negotiations? How will Pacific negotiators approach the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, or COP26, amid the enormous challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing urgency of the global climate situation? And has the Australian government been guilty of “double talk” by delivering one set of messages in regional negotiations and another in global forums? Dr Siobhan McDonnell and Dr George Carter, both academics at Australian National University (ANU) and negotiators from the Pacific Islands delegations to COP26, join Professor Sharon Bessell and Dr Arnagretta Hunter in discussing these issues and more. Listen now: https://bit.ly/2Y0wLoY

Georges carter is a researcher in geopolitics and regionalism in the Department of Pacific Affairs of the ANU. In 2019, he became co-director of the ANU Pacific Institute.

Siobhan mcdonnell is a legal anthropologist with over 20 years of experience working with indigenous peoples in Australia and the Pacific on land use, gender and climate change. She is a senior lecturer at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Sharon bessell is Professor of Public Policy and Director of Gender Equity and Diversity at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Arnagretta Hunter is the Human Futures Fellow of the ANU College of Health and Medicine, a Cardiologist, Physician and Senior Clinical Lecturer in the ANU School of Medicine.

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