PJSC Sberbank: Sber will finance the construction of 15 new public schools as part of the first phase of the national education development program

Sber is financing 15 concession projects by OOO ProShkola to build new public schools in Buryatia, Kaluga region, Belgorod region and Samara region for a total amount of 7.3 billion rubles.

ProShkola subsidiaries have already signed loan agreements. According to a decree of the Russian government, they are identified as the authorized concessionaire to sign concession agreements with subjects and municipalities without auction when these agreements aim at the implementation of construction projects of public schools within the framework of State. program called Educational Development. The state program provides for grants from the federal budget to co-finance the expenses of Russian regions resulting from the implementation of projects that provide for the creation of additional places in educational institutions amid growing numbers of students .

Thus, 15 new schools for 7,000 pupils will have been built by the end of 2022 during the first phase of the program in partnership with ProShkola. More than 160 schools in the second and third stages of the program are in the pipeline, with commissioning dates at the end of 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Mikhail Chachin, Vice President, Director of State Sector Department, Sberbank:

“Sber is a key lender in concession projects to create additional places in secondary schools under a public program called Education Development. These projects are a vivid example of the effectiveness of public-private partnerships when it comes to building social networks. Indeed, there is a shortage of places in schools due to the demographic situation in many localities, and in the coming years, the shortage will increase. A PPP is the best way to solve this problem as soon as possible because thanks to the program tens of thousands of new school places will appear over the next three years. “

Alisa Denisova, CEO of ProSchool, Executive Director of the Business Unit, VEB.RF:

“Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the teams in the regions, Sber, VEB and ProShkola, all the projects of the first phase have their sources of funding, both non-budgetary and budgetary. Construction of new schools will begin next year. With the local authorities, we are discussing the construction of new schools as part of the third phase, and with our partners at Sber, we are designing applications. The decision to build schools through PPP greatly increases the number of new ones. schools in areas of greatest need, and significantly reduces the financial burden on local budgets during the construction phase.

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