Overcharts Partners with dxFeed for CME Group Market Depth

“More and more traders are using Market Depth while performing volume analysis. Its main function is to help traders identify potential support and resistance levels.

dxFeed has expanded its B2B2C (retail) partnership network with Overcharts, which now offers Market Depth and Top of Book US and EU Futures, Nasdaq TotalView and Cboe FX on its multi-data feed professional trading platform.

Overcharts provides users with multiple data flow technical analysis software and trading platform, designed by traders for traders and educators.

The association with dxFeed improves the scope and quality of market data available to Overcharts users, who can now subscribe to a single marketplace or save $57 per month by purchasing the CME Group package. Prices start from $19 per month and the list of data streams will continue to grow.

Dmitrii Parilov, Managing Director of dxFeed, said, “High-quality market data and top-notch tick/volume analysis advantages are key to understanding market movements in advance. That’s why we’re happy to provide Overcharts users with low-latency real-time and historical data.

dxFeed provides market data to brokers (exchange-compliant onboarding wizard for new clients); for trading and analytics platforms (complete order depth data, raw and aggregated, for better visualization); and for educational platforms, paper trading (real-time and deferred data for educational purposes).

Mauro Frasson, CEO of Overcharts, commented: “More and more traders are using Market Depth while performing volume analysis. Its main function is to help traders identify potential support and resistance levels. We fully trust the quality of dxFeed’s market data and advise our users to take advantage of an advantageous offer from our new partner.

Overcharts offers traders the best possible trading and charting analysis experience under a subscription model that includes:
– Simple and intuitive platform
– Powerful charts and indicators
– One-click trading from Chart & DOM
– Professional volume and order flow analysis (volume profile, TPO profile, volume scale, bubbles, market depth map, VWAP, Delta, etc.)
– Multiple simultaneous brokers and data streams: Overcharts supports many different data streams. You can use one or more data streams at the same time for each instrument
– Chart trading and analysis organized in multiple workspaces and different monitors
– Custom indicators
– All configurations saved in the Cloud. Easy switching between different devices

dxFeed has been experiencing double-digit growth since 2016. The market data provider that caters to both traditional and crypto markets saw strong growth of 45% in 2021 based on three pillars:

1) continued development of analytical services based on high quality market data;

2) enter the DeFi world;

3) strengthen the company’s position in the index management industry.

dxFeed has increased the role of B2B and retail products, responding to market demand for quality analytics and analytical tools, which has fueled its core business.

dxFeed offers real-time and historical data on Crypto exchanges (CEX) and expanded reach in decentralized exchanges (DEX) as the company continues to add multiple on-chain data to its portfolio, including quality insights on DEX prices.

In the meantime, dxFeed is further expanding its B2B2C (retail) partnership network, having integrated a number of retail platforms, including NinjaTrader, Medved Trader, MotiveWave, Easy Scalp and others.

dxFeed will target retail users with an upcoming terminal product that will focus on in-depth market research, traditional chart widgets with premium value-added services, and real-time trading and OTC data.

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