Outstanding Bethel High School Student Receives Cambridge International Scholar Award

BETHEL, Wash., April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gian Carlo Obicoa junior at Bethel High School, received a Cambridge Scholar Award from Cambridge International for outstanding performance in the June 2021 Cambridge series of exams. Cambridge International is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and part of the University of Cambridge. This award recognizes students who achieve outstanding results in at least three Cambridge Advanced exams (A and AS levels).

“Congratulation to Gian Carlo Obico after receiving this high honor from Cambridge International,” said Doug Boyle, director of communications for the Bethel School District. “There are few programs in the world that can match the schedule, training and intensity that Cambridge brings to our school community. It has been a great opportunity for staff and students to take academic rigor to a new level of excellence.

Boyles noted “Cambridge programs and qualifications are recognized and valued by universities and employers around the world. This is one of the pathways we offer to prepare our students to be college and career ready upon graduation.”

The Cambridge International Curriculum is an internationally benchmarked K-12 education system aligning curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment. The Cambridge Advanced exams offer students across the country the opportunity to gain college credit during their secondary education, including all Washington public institutions of higher education. In 2020, by obtaining credit for their Cambridge exams, students and parents saved $3 million in tuition fees for higher education institutions in WA. For the June 2021 series, Bethel High School students can earn tuition savings of approximately $400,000 in university tuition University of Washington.

Gian received this award for his high marks in AS Level Biology, A Level Global Perspectives and Research (GPR) and AS Level English General Paper. GPR offers students the opportunity to broaden and deepen their studies by expanding creative and critical thinking and responsible awareness by tackling global issues (global perspectives), as well as encouraging focused personal exploration and further study (Research Report). English General Paper builds learners’ ability to understand and write in English through the study of a wide range of contemporary topics. They analyze opinions and ideas and learn how to construct an argument. A student with a passing grade on the AS exam will receive credit for one college course, while a passing grade on an A-level exam will result in credit for two college-level courses in all public institutions of Washington.

Marc CavoneRegional Director for North America, Cambridge International, said: “At Cambridge International, we pride ourselves on working with schools and educators to create programs that emphasize critical thinking skills, learning independent research and communication so that students are well prepared for their next steps in education and in their future careers. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated mastery of all of these important college-level skills. We congratulate Gian Carlo Obico on this outstanding achievement.”

The Cambridge International program offers a world-class education for all students willing to take up the challenge. Cambridge is an excellent balance between international standards and assessment, academic freedom and student-chosen areas of inquiry. Cambridge programs and qualifications are recognized and valued by universities and employers around the world.

Each year, students earn more than 2 million Cambridge exam entries. First introduced in the United States in 1995, the Cambridge International program quickly grew in popularity. More Cambridge Advanced courses and exams are now taken in the United States than in any other country, and Cambridge International partners with schools in 35 states and the United States. District of Colombia. More than 950 colleges and universities in North America recognize and reward Cambridge courses and exams for admissions, credits and placement. All public colleges and universities in Washington award credit for passing AS&A level exams.

About Cambridge International
Cambridge International prepares students for life, helping them to develop an informed curiosity and an enduring passion for learning. We are part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of University of Cambridge. Our international qualifications are recognized by the world’s top universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career. As a not-for-profit organization, we devote our resources to delivering high-quality educational programs that can unlock the potential of learners.

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