OMB seeks contributions to support the management program

The Biden administration is seeking input from federal employees and others to “refine and respond” to a draft learning program designed to support its president’s management agenda.

“Learning programs focus the attention of leaders on developing the research and evidence needed to solve big problems. This first PMA learning program will encourage collaboration and research to fill evidence gaps within, beyond and in partnership with the federal government, ”a review states on

Under the general title of How Government Can “Strengthen and Empower Its Workforce, So That It Can Better Serve the American People,” suggested topics are: What strategies improve retention, engagement, inclusion and well-being of federal employees, while reducing burnout and attrition? What approaches form a strong, empowered and diverse cohort throughout the lifecycle of federal government employees?

Under the general title of how government can “deliver programs and services effectively and build trust,” suggested topics are: How can federal agencies reduce administrative burdens in programs and services, including the complicated, confusing and time-consuming processes that people may experience trying to access these programs and services? What approaches provide a great customer experience with the federal government? How can the federal government increase public confidence?

Under the general title of how government can “advance equity and support underserved communities”, suggested topics are: How to Advance Equity in the Design, Delivery and Evaluation of Services federal? What organizational tools and management structures promote equity? What larger organizational changes in agencies are needed to identify and remove the underlying barriers to promoting equity?

More information and instructions for providing feedback, which should be submitted by January 31, is available at

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