NJ gender identity lessons prove parents were right to be concerned

What children should learn about sex and gender, and when, has become a hot topic across the country. But the parents didn’t choose this – it was forced upon them.

Starting in September, first graders in New Jersey will learn about gender identity according to new sex ed guidelines. Parents received sample lesson plans at a Westfield Board of Education meeting in February; one said, “You might feel like a boy even though you have body parts that some people might consider ‘girl’ parts. You might feel like a girl even though you have body parts that some people might consider “boy” parts. And you may not feel like a boy or a girl, but you’re a bit of both. No matter what you’re feeling, you’re perfectly normal!”

Setting aside the opportunity to teach 7-year-olds that their gender is malleable, the New Jersey news comes on the heels of massive left-wing outrage over the Parental Rights in Education bill signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – a law that many left on called “unnecessary.”

Florida law prohibits instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. And while left-wing activists and their media aides have targeted the bill as “Don’t Say Gay,” despite the fact that straight is also a sexual orientation, the parents I spoke to specifically point to the lessons. kind as the reason why they support the bill.

The Washington Post editorial board spoke out against the law, of course, saying, “There is no justifiable reason for any of these measures. They are all rooted in the anachronistic belief that discussions of gender and sexuality endanger children in one way or another.

But there is a very justifiable reason: parents want to protect their grandchildren from inappropriate lessons about sexuality, whether straight or gay. More importantly, parents know that the idea of ​​gender flexibility is being forced on their younger and younger children. The idea that it’s not pure gaslighting, and the New Jersey guidelines are further proof of that.

New Jersey's gender identity lessons come after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights in Education Bill into law.
New Jersey’s gender identity lessons come after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights in Education Bill into law.
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Parents saw society change around them based on what the mad left demanded. They know it’s happening. They will fight so that it is not imposed on their children.

Over the weekend, a video of Dennis Prager’s 2019 appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” surfaced. In it, Prager says we’re being asked to accept that men can menstruate, with colleges stocking tampons in men’s rooms. Maher and the rest of the panel openly mock Prager. Now we all know Prager was right.

Fast forward just three years and our health officials no longer use “mother” when discussing childbirth, preferring “person giving birth” by default. They are not fringe leftists on the Berkeley campus; the Biden administration uses language like this in its fiscal year 2022 budget and in statements aimed at addressing the “black maternal health crisis”. No one tells them what the word “maternal” means, lest it be erased as well.

Biden administration officials are using woke gender language like
Biden administration officials use woke gender language like “person giving birth.”
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The liberal media will claim that it is the conservatives who are launching a “culture war”, as the New York Times did on Friday in the newsletter The Morning by David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick. They wrote: “‘The right uses trans identity in children as a wedge,’ says our colleague Emily Bazelon, who writes on legal issues.”

Absolutely backwards. The far left uses trans identity like a bulldozer; they ran on the liberal town — and they come for our house.

In her book “Irreversible Damage”, Abigail Shrier explained how schools no longer see themselves as academic institutions, but as places where the politics of sexual identity are at the center of all conversations. That’s no guesswork: A Los Angeles Unified School District program coordinator wrote to Shrier, “Technically, we’re an educational institution,” but we want to be a “source of social justice.”

Parents have heard it loud and clear and in so many places they are pushing back. Thank you but no thank you for this social justice. We would like to recover our educational institutions.

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