NEIU For You Scholarship Covers First Year Tuition Fees for Full Time Freshmen at Northeastern Illinois University

There is still time to enter college with financial aid this fall.

Northeastern Illinois University’s new “NEIU For You” scholarship covers tuition and compulsory fees for a full year for new full-time undergraduate students. Northeastern will also cover the cost of a three credit hour course for all new undergraduate transfer students who register for six or more credit hours for fall 2021.

Registration was recently extended until August 15th. All the details and how to get started are at

“Access to education has become even more critical for our students at this unprecedented moment in history,” said Gloria J. Gibson, president of Northeastern Illinois University. “This is also a critical time for educational institutions to do better to provide this access. Students need the opportunities education can offer, and the world needs their gifts, skills, passion and voice – now more than ever. “

The “NEIU For You” scholarship will cover the 12 credit hour fee and compulsory fees for a student’s first year after all federal, state, institutional, internal / external scholarships and grants have been applied, which means that a student can earn a four-year degree for the cost of three years.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, students must complete and submit a Free Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA) at Undocumented students must complete the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid instead of FAFSA. Freshmen are also required to enroll and register for 12 credit hours per semester for the 2021-22 school year.

This program is particularly well suited to the student body of NEIU, a school whose diversity reflects Chicago’s urban environment. Almost 70% of the 7,000 students are people of color (37% Latinx, 14% unknown / other, 10% black, 8% Asian).

“The past year has been more than difficult for all of us,” said Terry Mena, vice president of student affairs and dean of students at Northeastern Illinois University. “This initiative is designed to help open the door a little wider, which can make all the difference for first-generation students and other students and families who are working to make ends meet.”

Mena says he is delighted to be serving a substantial number of students for the first time under the program. The number of students who will benefit from the program depends on the number of applicants and their eligibility for other grants and scholarships. With help from the NEIU Foundation, Northeastern has set aside nearly $ 3 million for the initiative.

Other initiatives

NEIU For You is one of many initiatives launched or expanded by Northeastern Illinois University to support students during the pandemic. They include:

• Come Home to NEIU: Selected students who have previously attended Northeastern Illinois University and who meet specific re-enrollment and indebtedness criteria have been contacted directly to re-enroll at NEIU for the fall semester 2021. NEIU is thrilled to welcome these former students again and help them complete their baccalaureate.

• George Floyd Social Justice Fellowship: In January, the inaugural recipients of the $ 5,000 George Floyd Social Justice Fellowships – Kaleb Bakari Autman, Timothy Jefferson and Donovan McKinley – were announced. All three have worked in nonprofit labor and activism and will continue to focus on the common good in their studies.

• Housing Award for Social Justice Leadership: The Social Justice Leadership Program (SJLP) is for incoming freshmen and transfer students who wish to spend their first two semesters at NEIU in a program that emphasizes on social justice.

The program covers the cost of housing at The Nest, the residential center on the campus of Northeastern Illinois University. For the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 academic year, the Social Justice Leadership Program can accept 25 freshmen (0-29 college credits) and up to 15 transfer students. There is a two-step application process: filling out an application form and participating in a 20-minute virtual interview.


Northeastern Illinois University’s main campus is located on 67 acres in an attractive residential neighborhood in northwest Chicago. The University offers over 40 undergraduate degree and certificate programs and over 50 graduate degree, certificate, licensure and approval programs. The university has additional sites in the metro area, including the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, El Centro, and the University Center of Lake County. More on

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