MonitorEDU continues to support remote learning as the pandemic enters Year 3

NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MonitorEDU, a leading high-stakes remote monitoring provider using live monitors based in North Americacontinues its commitment to support remote learning as the COVID crisis enters its third year.

With the rapid expansion of distance learning, many companies have jumped in – MonitorEDU has been there from the start

When the pandemic took hold in early 2020, MonitorEDU quickly became one of the leaders in live monitoring, using real people. Since the company was already operating with a work-from-home process that drew inspiration from the many different employment models of “on-demand workers”, the company was able to quickly support existing customers who suddenly experienced a dramatic increase in demand for remote testing services. .

With the rapid expansion of distance learning, many companies have entered the industry looking to fill the void. MonitorEDU has been around since the beginning, and its model continues to support a valid and ever-growing segment.

A partner, TEL Education, has been working with MonitorEDU since 2019. According to Dr. Jae Stricklandexecutive director of TEL Education, “At TEL, we believe that all students can succeed. Whether you’re an active high school student juggling dual-credit courses and extracurricular activities, or a busy parent pursuing an associate’s degree while working full-time full-time work, we can support you. Our partnership with MonitorEDU is a crucial part of providing this support. Since proctored exams can be taken anytime, day or night, students have the freedom and flexibility to follow a learning path designed to meet their needs and make their educational goals a reality.”

Don Kassnerpresident of MonitorEDU and a former educator himself, continued, “TEL Education is a great example of a successful distance learning program in these turbulent times. When we started working with the program in 2019, they had for vision to support the ongoing paradigm shift towards remote learning and their foresight make them one of the best examples of how remote learning programs are an essential modality for our ever-changing world. “

The partnership between TEL Education and MonitorEDU represents all that succeeds in the new world of distance learning and brings together two companies that are committed to learners around the world.

About TEL Education – a nonprofit organization committed to facilitating equitable access to affordable, high-quality learning in the United States. TEL offers its library of general education courses to high schools, colleges, and universities, as well as homeschooled parents and organizations. As part of its mission to support affordable life learning, TEL also maintains a free reference library and offers low-cost certificate courses. For more information, please visit

About MonitorEDU – Founded in 2018 by the “Godfathers of Remote Invigilation” Don Kassner and Patrick Ochoa, the company specializes in providing professionally trained invigilators who invigilate exams remotely around the world. The company provides its own technology and also offers its supervisors to perform their duties on any platform. The company is based in Tennessee.

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