Mobile phones banned in schools and colleges in Narail

Authorities have banned mobile phones from all schools, colleges and madrasas in Narail.

Narail District Education Officer SM Syedur Rahman issued guidelines in this regard on June 28, a copy of which was received by school authorities last Thursday (June 30).

A parent-teacher meeting in the presence of students will be held on this subject in each educational institution in the district after the Eid-ul-Azha holidays.

The development comes days after the assault on Swapan Kumar Biswas, acting principal of Mirzapur United Degree College in the district.

Education department officials will monitor the progress of the implementation of the guidelines when inspecting educational institutions, the notice reads.

Disciplinary action will be taken against all involved if a student is found carrying a mobile phone during the inspection, he added.

On June 18, Principal Swapan Kumar was forced to wear a garland of shoes around his neck after a tense situation centered on a Facebook post about Nupur Sharma, spokesperson for India’s ruling BJP party.

Some students and residents have accused Swapan of supporting the student who posted a photo of controversial former BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Facebook.

They also torched a motorcycle prohibiting government work in the area in the presence of local police.

Swapan Kumar Biswas was seen apologizing with clasped hands at the time of the assault in a video that circulated later in the day following a day of protests and violence at Mirzapur United Degree College.

Speaking to The Business Standard, Swapan Kumar said he had asked a few teachers for help but they were playing a silent role.

“When students informed me about the incident in the morning, I called three teachers and discussed the matter with them. One of them was a member of the board of directors and the other was Akther Hossain Tinku , the president of the local Awami League unit.

“In case of anything untoward, I usually inform these three teachers first. I discussed the matter of informing the local police outpost, but they said nothing and stayed quiet,” he said.

Tinku denied the allegation saying he agreed to go to the police and make sure the student who posted the message was punished.

Before any action could be taken, locals, students and students from a nearby madrasa gathered at the school premises.

Swapan said at the time that he called the chairman of the college board, a member of parliament and others, but none came to his aid.

The crowd set fire to three motorcycles, including Swapan’s.

Police later arrived and took the principal into custody. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of police, Swapan was still beaten by the mob and forced to put on the shoe garland.

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