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MichiganVotes Weekly Report: June 10, 2022

House Bill 5859: Award COVID Learning Loss Grants to Parents Failed 51 to 56 in the House June 7, 2022

Authorize grants of up to $1,500 to parents whose children have experienced a “learning loss” due to school closures during the COVID outbreak, with 40% of the amount based on household income and remains based on the number of days a child’s classrooms are closed.

Yes: Bollin (R)

No: Brabec (D), Hope (D), Lasinski (D), Rahbi (D)

House Bill 5427: Grant permanent authorization for certain remote meetings of government councils Passed 81 to 24 in the House on June 9, 2022

Make permanent the permission given to local government employee pension boards to hold their meetings remotely, which was granted temporarily by state epidemic response laws enacted in 2020. This is one numerous proposals aimed at grant this privilege to various public and semi-public bodies (such as “marketing boards” for agricultural products).

Yes: Hope (R), Lasinski (R)

No: Brabec (D), Rahbi (D), Bollin (D)

House Bill 6020: Authorize internship grants for social workers and assimilated interns Adopted 93 to 12 in the House on June 9, 2022

Allow paying individuals into a vocational training program that is required to obtain a state license as a social worker, school counselor, psychologist, or mental health professional, a stipend to serve as an intern in various capacities in a public school.

Yes: Brabec (D), Hope (D), Lasinski (D), Rahbi (D)

No: Bollin (R)

Senate Bill 656: Allowing “robo-bartenders” Passed 78 to 28 in the House on June 8, 2022

Place in law a permit for “robo-bartender” liquor dispensers in restaurants, bars, and other liquor-licensed establishments. The machines could dispense up to 96 ounces of beer, wine or mixed spirits in a single order, and staff would be required to monitor their use. Rules passed under an existing law allow for a much more limited version, which the industry has sought to expand.

Yes: Lasinski (D), Bollin (R)

No: Brabec (D), Hope (D), Rahbi (D)

House Bill 5984: Liquor licenses at certain swimming pools Passed 37 to 1 in the Senate on June 8, 2022

Allow establishments with an “on-premises” liquor license that also have a “public pool” and pay an additional license fee of $350, to sell beverages at the pool subject to a wide range of additional regulations and requirements.

Yes: Hertel (D), Irwin (D), Theis (R)

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State representatives

Donna Lasinski (D) District 52 (Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Scio, Manchester) 517 373 0828 [email protected]

Yousef Rabhi (D) District 53 (Ann Arbor) 517 373 2577 [email protected]

Felicia Brabec (D) District 55 (Pittsfield, York, Barton Hills) 517 373 1792 Felicia [email protected]

Kara Hope (D) District 67 (Stockbridge) 517 373 0587 [email protected]

Ann Bollin (R) District 42 (Pinckney, Hamburg) 517 373 1784 [email protected]

State Senators

Lana Theis (R) District 22 (Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Hamburg) 517 373 2420 [email protected]

Jeff Irwin (D) District 18 (Ann Arbor, Saline, Pittsfield, York) 517 373 2406 [email protected]

Curtis Hertel Jr. (D) District 23 (Stockbridge) 517 373 1734 [email protected]

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