Meet Livermore City Council candidate Ben Barrientos

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Learn more about Ben Barrientos, teacher and president of the Livermore Lions Club who is running to represent District 2 of the Livermore City Council.

1. Why are you running for city council?

I’m running for city council because “I serve.” My heart was to serve people, sometimes at random. I am a member of Lions Club International and our motto is “We Serve”.

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2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Livermore?

The biggest challenge facing Livermore is the bargaining between the citizens of Livermore and the city council.

Find out what’s happening in Livermorewith free real-time Patch updates.

3. How do you plan to fix it?

To meet the challenge, I intend to be elected. I will have monthly or bimonthly public meetings or coffee meetings. The goal is to listen to people’s concerns and ideas and to get feedback and advice.

4. What needs to be done to solve the affordable housing crisis?

The issue of affordable housing has been an issue throughout history, not just in our country and state, but around the world. To begin to alleviate the problem, I would push to create “Olympic-style villages, to house our teachers, nurses, police and firefighters. They will be allowed to buy the shares at low and below market rates and accumulate equity. These living units will be locked in at the original purchase price, plus COLA, when sold to other teachers, nurses, etc.

5. What do you think the city can do to maintain water security?

To maintain water security, all entities – local, county and state – must commit and develop a plan to conserve and better use our water. We could build homes and new buildings with the ability to recycle gray water. Also, follow and implement the recommendations in the book “Water Always Wins” by Erica Gies.

6. What can the city do to help its downtown and small businesses?

Helping downtown businesses listen to their needs and wants. In Calgary, Canada, some blocks of their main street are closed to cars, allowing pedestrians to walk freely and eat their meals in the extended outdoor area. Parking is and will be a major problem downtown. It was cited as the No. 1 concern of respondents in a poll. To solve the problem, I would look to build robotic parking garages. YouTube has a video on these garages. They need smaller plots of land. They increase the volume of cars, up to 30% more in less space, and are cheaper to build than typical public garages.

7. What is your idea of ​​responsible development?

Responsible development: Respect and respect our urban growth plan.

8. What other issues are important to you?

Other matters relating to District 2 where I reside. We need a viable grocery store. Currently we have to drive over 580 to get to Safeway or Lucky’s. Part of the abandoned Springtown Golf Course could be a site for walking, biking, play park and recruiting volunteers from Springtown residents and non-profit charitable services like Lions, Rotary, Elks , etc., to help clear the area for hired professionals. landscapers. I want a new modern library to replace the one that looks like two shipping containers stuck together. I would like a police sub station to be established on the north side of 580 for quicker responses and to act as a deterrent. There are vacant stores in Springtown where one or more could be used to house one. This way we would be using less tax dollars and helping the store owner at the same time. A bike path and crosswalk on the 580 overpasses at the Vasco and Springtown exits are required.

9. How long have you lived in Livermore?

My wife Ann and I have lived in Livermore for 24 years.

10. What brought you to town?

I was born in San Francisco and lived there until I was 8 years old. Then my family moved to South San Francisco where my mother still resides.

11. What experience do you have in community service?

I was elected to the Berryessa Union school board in San Jose, served on the Alameda civil grand jury, and served as president of the Livermore Lions Club for 12 years. Many years ago I was a member of the Santa Clara County commission.

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

The accomplishments of which I am most proud are being a teacher, school administrator and coach. I am currently the head coach of the wrestling team at Oakland High School.

13. What is your background?

I graduated from South San Francisco High School, received an AA from San Mateo College, a BA from Chico State University, a master’s degree from Pepperdine University, and an administrative degree from National University .

14. Tell us about your family.

My Family: I have a wonderful, smart, beautiful wife, two wonderful sons, Jacob in Spokane and Eric in San Jose, and 6 grandchildren.

15. What is the best advice you have ever received?

It wasn’t advice, but I remember the director of SSFHS telling me that I wouldn’t pass. I took that as a challenge. In high school, I did letters in athletics and wrestling and was a multiple-time wrestling league champion. While in college, I became Golden Gate Conference Jr. College Wrestling Champion and also Western Wrestling Champion. When at Chico State, I was elected vice president of the student body.

16. Is there anything else you would like voters to know about yourself and your duties?

I would like voters to know and practice “random acts of kindness”. It will make you feel good and make it a better day for you and even more so for the recipient of your kindness.

17. Please provide links to websites and social media.

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