Medipixel, an AI-powered health tech company, seeks talent to go global

Medipixel, an AI-based healthcare technology developer, said it would hire key talent to tap into the global medical device market.

The company plans to recruit more than 10 people by June, including the chief technology officer, chief medical officer, and employees specializing in robot control, AI software development, quality assurance, public relations and government projects.

“A new hire’s salary is in the top 1% of their peers in the same industry based on Credit Job data,” a Medipixel official said. Last year, the company raised the salary of all its employees by 10 million won per person to encourage them to challenge the global market.

Starting in February, Medipixel allowed workers to self-choose their working time and location. Employees can freely choose a space – home or cafe – and work the desired hours outside the office. The company said that the workers are very satisfied with the new work system and that their work efficiency and productivity will increase.

To help reduce the distance between office and home, the company plans to relocate to Gangnam in southern Seoul this year.

“We believe that business can improve when every employee enjoys a better quality of life. So we strive to create a pleasant working environment,” said Andy Song, CEO of Medipixel. “I hope that many talented people can actively apply for our company to challenge the health technology industry.”

Since its inception in 2017, Medipixel has proven the performance and commercial profitability of Medipixel XA, an automated cardiovascular vessel analysis program.

By conducting clinical trials with major hospitals, including Asan Medical Center and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Medipixel has attracted Series A funding of 10 billion won.

The company is also discussing a business partnership agreement with a global medical device manufacturer, which has become a strategic investor by acquiring a stake in Medipixel.

To prepare for the IPO, the company selects an underwriter.

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