MCTC Skills U celebrates Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

Jacob Wolfe works every day to connect new students to Maysville Community and Technical College and now he is also making plans to keep them connected to MCTC after they leave the institution as alumni.

As the newly appointed alumni coordinator, in addition to his duties as admissions specialist, Wolfe sees the potential impact of thousands of alumni who might share his personal affection for the MCTC.

“Maintaining a strong relationship with our alumni is essential in letting prospective students know that the MCTC is their best choice for improving their lives, just as I have discovered,” he said.

Wolfe credits Amanda Conley, the college’s first alumni coordinator, for starting to generate excitement among alumni during her brief stint last spring before becoming MCTC’s human relations director.

“She and I have a shared vision to build something different with the MCTC alumni base so that it becomes a unique and fun group to be a part of,” Wolfe said. “My ultimate goal is to establish a solid foundation for the Alumni Association, based on teamwork, fun, community relationships and an endless commitment to our students and alumni. “

A key part of its strategy is for the alumni group to regularly host events at each of MCTC’s campuses in Cynthiana, Maysville, Morehead and Mount Sterling.

In fact, the first event is tentatively scheduled for Cynthiana in October, subject to changes in pandemic protocols. Details will be shared on the alumni association’s Facebook page, website and other media.

Wolfe said MCTC alumni living in or near communities on the four campuses will be invited to join the Alumni Association board of directors and various committees.

“Enrolling in this community and technical college has changed the meaning of my life and I think there are a lot of other MCTC certificate, diploma and graduation holders who feel the same,” said Wolfe. “If you got a career degree here, it automatically makes you part of our alumni family. “

Wolfe was leaning towards a military route during his freshman year at Harrison County High School in Cynthiana when he learned about the Double Credit Program which allows Kentucky high school students to earn college credit at any institution KCTCS before completing grade 12.

MCTC’s Licking Valley campus is located near the high school, and Wolfe began his college journey as a high school student. As a student of the MCTC, he was recognized for his leadership and worked part-time as a student recruiter while earning an associate’s degree.

This led him to a full-time job in admissions at MCTC and he continued his undergraduate studies at Northern Kentucky University. He completed a bachelor’s degree at NKU and received the prestigious W. Frank Steely Senior award.

He is currently a graduate student at NKU, having spent the month of June in Iceland on a study trip as part of his master’s degree course. He credits his parents for giving him a new educational perspective and the determination to discover more of the world.

“My personal success is due to the decision I made to begin my graduate course at MCTC, and I want to help other alumni achieve the same,” he said.

To learn more about MCTC alumni participation, contact Wolfe at [email protected]

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