Lieutenant Governor Stratton to Visit SIUC Amid National Teacher Shortage

CARONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) – Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton will travel to Southern Illinois University – Carbondale to meet with students, staff and education administrators to elevate future teachers and understand how Illinois can help them prepare for their important careers.

The visit was partly inspired by national reports of a critical teacher shortage.

According to Lieutenant Governor Stratton, school districts in Illinois revealed that 88% of schools report having a teacher shortage problem.

“We know the schools are not doing well right now. Educators are doing an incredibly difficult job of managing shortages while creating a safe and uplifting classroom environment for their students to learn,” Lieutenant Governor Stratton said. “I am committed to showing our teachers and future educators that we are here for them because they are invaluable to the future of Illinois.”

Lieutenant Governor Stratton says educators are the most influential and loving supports children have as they grow and develop.

The Pritzker/Stratton administration says it is focused on supporting schools statewide, as evidenced by the state‘s proposed budget for FY23 which: Increases funding for MAP grants to $600 million dollars; maximize scholarships to cover 50% of tuition fees at public universities; and increases scholarship funding for minority teachers.

“Our administration knows that educators need support now more than ever,” Lieutenant Governor Stratton said. “My team and I recognize that teachers know what they need and we need to tap into their wisdom. We are listening and learning from our educational institutions across the state to better understand the barriers educators face today and how we can move forward.

Lieutenant Governor Stratton will visit the campus on Monday, February 7.

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