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Requirements to apply for a loan

In this platform, you only have to be of legal age and show through your account income that you have one money entry every month . If the platform does not accept your request quickly, it may be because they need some extra document that will be sent to you so that you send it scanned to the entity during office hours .

How long will it take me to know my answer

How long will it take me to know my answer

This type of credits is really quick to contact and can be known in 10 or 15 minutes after having sent it . You can receive the answer through a phone call or through an SMS depending on the method you have chosen.

How credit is requested in the correct way

To be able to ask for this credit, the first thing you have to do is register on the platform. You can do this from the official page in the request option. Then, you must choose the credit that is between 100 euros and 3000 euros . The platform must approve your request and if it is suitable, the money will be deposited into the account you have put in your register so that you can use your money for whatever you want.

They already accepted my credit but I still do not receive the money, what happens?

Once your application is approved, the money could be in your account at any time.

Depending on the bank you are in, it may take 24 to 48 hours but it is not normal. The next working day at 8 am the money is usually transferred if it is not done automatically.

Loans in installments

If on the contrary what you are looking for is a type of installment loans the means to get it is also the same as the previous one. It can be achieved with great flexibility and is ideal for paying bills that we did not expect or making small purchases.

What are the payment options

At the time of returning the money to the entity, you can do so through the service area at any time. This can be done through a bank transfer from your account to the account.

You can also pay by means of the debit card or you can make a payment by paypal without problem .

Another option is to make the payment by means of a telephone number. It can also be carried out by means of a bank transfer.
If you are going to make the payment through the transfer, you should never forget to put your customer number and the concept of credit payment . If you forget to put your customer number in “concept” , the company will not be able to recognize the payment as your own, which can lead to delay costs being generated if you had never paid the loan .

If you need to have a little more time to pay your credit. The ideal is to call the entity so that they are the ones who can give you a solution to this problem.

The non-payment of this type of credits, can cause delay or any other type of extra commission that will increase your credit much more.

If you are looking for a good flexible loan online with the best advantages and almost no requirement, is the platform you are looking for. Ask for a credit and receive the money in less than 15 minutes in the bank account that you have left in the entity.



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