Kingpin’s surveillance plan hinted at how powerful Laura Barton was before Hawkeye

Kingpin’s efforts to get Laura Barton’s SHIELD Watch to Hawkeye suggest she was a formidable Operator during her time as a SHIELD Agent.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Hawk Eye.

The Kingpin’s goal to get Laura Barton’s SHIELD watch in Hawk Eye suggests that she was extremely formidable as an agent. Hawk Eye has brought many exciting characters from the comics into the MCU, such as Maya Lopez (Echo), the Mafia tracksuit, and Clint Barton’s successor, Kate Bishop. the Hawk Eye The finale also revealed that Clint Barton’s wife Laura Barton is a former SHIELD agent, previously holding the title Agent 19, a reference to mainstream Marvel comics. By having Kingpin so determined to get the watch (and thus to know Agent 19’s identity), the series also reveals that Laura Barton was a significant threat to Wilson Fisk during her tenure as Agent for SHIELD.


Laura Barton is from the Marvel Alternate Universe Ultimate comics, but like Clint Barton, the MCU version of her mixes elements from both the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate wonder continuity. Agent 19 was a title used by Bobbi Morse (aka Mockingbird) in the mainstream Marvel Universe. Morse is already a part of the MCU, thanks to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but she never went through Agent 19, leaving the nickname vacant. Laura Barton was never declared to be an agent of SHIELD in the Ultimate, but the MCU gave him Mockingbird elements through his marriage to Clint Barton and Morse’s SHIELD title.

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Hawk Eye makes a vintage watch a one-season MacGuffin, hinting that it may have belonged to an Avengers member, possibly hiding some advanced gadgets. Clint Barton eventually retrieves the watch, returning it to Laura Barton, revealing that the watch is linked to her SHIELD days and can be traced back to her. With this new context, Hawk Eye shows that the normally reclusive Wilson Fisk came out of hiding to acquire the watch and uncover the identity of its owner, meaning the MCU’s Laura Barton must have been as dangerous to Fisk’s criminal empire as Clint Barton’s was during his stint as Avenger Ronin.

Hawkeye Finale Avengers Watch Laura Barton Agent 19 Mockingbird SR

The Kingpin made his MCU debut Marvel’s Daredevil, the first of the franchise’s Netflix shows. Wilson Fisk kept a relatively low profile for most of the show’s early episodes, building his criminal empire anonymously and using proxies to represent it. His few underlings who knew his identity, like John Healy, knew they (and those they loved) were doomed if they spoke his name aloud. Over the following seasons, Fisk’s criminal activities became much less low-profile, but his actions in Hawk Eye lacked subtlety, indicating that he took Barton’s threat particularly seriously.

Whereas Laura Barton was no longer a SHIELD agent by the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which took place in 2015 – the same year as daredevil season 1 – it seems unlikely that Agent 19 directly interfered with Kingpin’s up-and-coming Syndicate, but she may have had a reputation as one of the top SHIELD agents in the New York Underworld. With Wilson Fisk rebuilding his forces in the wake of The Blip, discovering the identity of the formidable former agent of SHIELD may have been aimed at eliminating a potential threat to his power.

Laura Barton’s story with Clint Barton before the events of Age of Ultron is largely unknown, but Hawkeye has provided some fascinating clues regarding his past. Combining elements of Ultimate marvel Laura Barton along with the mainstream version of Bobbi Morse, the MCU has established that she, like Clint, is a member of SHIELD who is now seeking a normal, calmer life. Laura Barton’s watch and Kingpin’s interest in Hawk Eye, indicate that she was a particularly powerful agent who threatened even the MCU’s most notorious criminals.

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