It didn’t turn out so convincing

I have also seen signs, visuals, and audio messages shared on social media where the department has mostly focused solely on free education, which in my opinion is not at all impressive.

First, the ministry should have prepared a plan to fill the infrastructure gaps in educational institutions and make them more attractive to children. During the ongoing enrollment drive in schools, students have been seen sitting in the open air as schools have accommodation issues and do not have space to accommodate children in schools. Such cases obviously puncture all those readers where a schoolboy does not have a proper seating arrangement after convincing him to receive free education in a public school.

Why a student cannot have a proper desk and bench in school and have a properly maintained classroom. Obviously, an educational institution must have all the facets to resemble a school. This is the main area where public schools are lagging behind and, on the other hand, private schools are taking the lead and staying in the public sector. In private schools, getting an education becomes a costly affair in terms of money, but they also offer better facilities.

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