How we meet the challenges of our time

South Eastern University (SEU) began its journey in June 2002. Dedicated educators and philanthropists established SEU with the goal of providing quality education at affordable prices.

The growing demand for quality higher education in Bangladesh was also, in part, a reason for the establishment of SEU. In the SCImago Institutional Ranking 2022, SEU was ranked the top university in Bangladesh.

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The School of Science and Engineering, School of Business, and School of Arts and Social Sciences comprise 10 departments, offering more than 15 programs. Students can design their own pathways by selecting a unique set of courses to complete degree programs. Courses are updated every four years in accordance with University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines. Compulsory general education courses are offered according to the recently released Bangladesh National Qualifications Framework (BNQF) guidelines. SEU’s philosophy is to develop human capital by fostering creative thinking in its students.

Many SEU faculty members hold foreign degrees and are regularly retrained to ensure their skills are always up to date. Seminars and workshops are held regularly to bring the latest teaching techniques to faculty members. Additionally, research funds are allocated to faculty members to conduct independent research. The research institute of SEU is called the Research and Training Institute where the departments and schools of SEU conduct their research independently. A few faculty members are also currently conducting research funded by external sources, and in the future, SEU hopes to create even more outstanding teaching and research centers.

Two-way communication, PowerPoint presentations, case studies and on-the-job training are some of the learning methods applied by teachers in the classrooms. Student feedback is also carefully observed during end-of-semester evaluations. At the same time, students can file complaints if necessary.

Currently, SEU laboratories are equipped with modern facilities. As prescribed by accrediting bodies and the UGC, labs are frequently upgraded to stay on the cutting edge. The Textile, EEE, CSE and Pharmacy laboratories are equipped with modern technologies and machines. Computer labs are also available for students, through which they can access the Internet for academic purposes.

The Central Library is where students can access computers and the internet, and it is linked to an international consortium called INASP/PERI as well as UGC Electronic Resources. Some academic departments of SEU also have their own libraries.

Currently, SEU is developing an integrated software system for the overall management of the university. Once implemented, students will be able to exchange messages and access relevant information regarding pre-registration, registration, payments, academic materials, academic performance and other matters through this platform. In the future, SEU plans to completely digitize its library so that students can access library resources from anywhere. Additionally, plans are in place to digitize classrooms in the near future.

SEU views extracurricular activities as fundamental to the physical and intellectual development and growth of its students. SEU’s 18 core clubs include the Debate Club, Games and Sports Club, Movie and Drama Club, Tourism and Photography Club, Language and Literature Club, Social Services Club and many others. Departmental clubs are also active.

Departments and clubs regularly organize workshops and seminars for students. The topics of these workshops and seminars generally encompass topical issues, taking into account student and faculty suggestions. These programs also facilitate the possibility of bringing in experts from different fields as guests or judges.

One of SEU’s goals has been to address the rising cost of higher education in Bangladesh over the past decade. Due to the limited number of places in public universities, private universities now act as an alternative. While many students in our country have to forego attending private universities due to financial restrictions, SEU has done its best to ensure that its fees are reasonable. At the same time, facilities such as installments are also available to reduce the financial burden.

SEU provides annual scholarships and tuition waivers to children of freedom fighters, deserving students, and disadvantaged students. In this regard, about BDT 12 crore is spent every year. Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SEU and a local bank that will pave the way for providing student loans.

SEU aims to adhere to gender-responsive approaches. Hostel facilities are readily available for female students. Also, SEU employs doctors for student health care. A doctor is always available on campus and ready to help students.

The Center for Professional Development Services (CPDS) is responsible for organizing internships and work placements for students. The Center promotes soft skills, hard skills, and computer skills in final semester students. On special occasions, job fairs are held, which allows SEU students to access job opportunities.

SEU’s position is to provide cost-effective and world-class higher education to students in Bangladesh. SEU’s goal is to equip its students with the skills required for the 21st century. As Bangladesh seeks development, SEU hopes to help the country through its students in the future.

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