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In a bid to encourage young people to make a foray into the teaching profession, federal and state governments have been urged to make it attractive by introducing a better welfare program for teachers nationwide. The Chairman of the Board of the newly established Federal College of Education, Iwo, Alhaji Laid Tella revealed in an interview with The Guardian, during the inauguration of the boards of trustees of eight new Federal Polytechnics and six colleges. Education Departments, by the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu.

He added that the teaching profession had over time been cheaper, less attractive and unappreciated by many, due to low teacher salaries in the country. Tella, former managing director of Monitor Newspapers and senior researcher in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Ilorin, explained that the move would also improve the quality of teaching and learning, as teachers would do their better to perform their duties. .

He explained, “Teachers are essential to the growth and development of education and in all fields, even in professional studies, you need teachers. Teachers nowadays are technically confused, poorly motivated and the difficult environment makes people want to give up teaching as a profession.

“At that time, the teachers were the kings of the village, but today the teachers are considered the hoi polloi. Teachers can no longer balance their daily budgets, let alone annual budgets.

He added, “Everyone wants education, but without proper development of teaching capacity, the growth of education will be in jeopardy and it has been anyway. Go to universities, 90 percent of teachers at the university level have not taken specialized courses in education, they are teachers in the narrow field. Delivery and delivery technique are absent in many. If people are aware of this, they will opt for education collages even before going to other fields.

“If you have 35 or 50 students in a class and you ask them who of you wants to be a teacher? Certainly 99% of them will refuse to say yes, but yet it is a teacher who teaches them in the classroom.

Tella urged the federal government to give teaching the same recognition given to other professional fields. “The government must consider the professionalization of the service of teachers as it is done for doctors, nurses, engineers and all other professions. Although the government is trying to do this now, I think there is insufficient mobilization of the public mind to buy into this. If there is good collaboration between the government at all levels and the media, it will help solve this problem. In America and Europe, teachers are well paid because the price of neglect we now face has hit them in the past, and they now bring honor to teachers.

“We need to learn from the experience in Europe and America where teachers are now glorified and quickly reverse the trend where most pupils and students want nothing to do with teacher education. We need to engage them and way to get them interested is what NCE would do.

He stressed the need “to revise the curriculum of schools and the curriculum of different departments to reflect the city and the dress. Downloading material from Google does not provide the answer, it only provides support, so teachers should be prepared to re-enact the teaching. Many teachers are pretty traders due to insufficient salaries to meet their personal needs.

“The first thing is to give teachers a special salary scale which will discourage the flight of people from teaching. The teaching environment also needs to be developed, we are in the digital era, most of the primary schools here are unfamiliar with digitalization, except for some private schools, they are in good standing. Many of those teachers who are supposed to be pioneering a system for a new education that is the world today do not have the capacity.

“Teachers have been neglected for too long, most secondary schools have no teachers’ quarters and where there are they are grossly inadequate and poorly maintained. These are things that motivated teachers of the day to stay focused on their goals of raising good students.

Speaking on what Nigerians should expect from the institution, he said, “The temporary site is a new site that is unfinished and suitable for educational purposes. The permanent site is not too far from the temporary site, so setting up solid academic infrastructure and laying the foundation for a world-class college of education is a huge challenge.

“Although it is a federal institution, the state will have to play a good role in helping the college get established. As it stands, there is a shortage of funds even at the federal level, the start-up grant is not huge, we are awaiting support from TETFund, we are also awaiting support from public-minded individuals, both at the local and international level to establish the different schools. There are seven schools and each school has its own particularity.

“It is a general and non-technical education institute NCE, it assumes that we are concerned with the production of teachers to teach both science, art and social studies in secondary and primary schools through Nigeria, we are also expected to lead the delivery of education in the information age.

“Without a solid base at the secondary and primary levels, higher education is in jeopardy. For us, I will join my fellow board and management colleagues in being accountable and responding to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education, the National Commission for Colleges of Education which is in charge of accrediting Classes.

“We are really ready to kick off to ensure that we bring modernity to the education system in Nigeria. We want to lead others into the age of digitization, the age of high-powered telecommunications. Nigerians should expect us to have a college of education that is in line with the digital age and on par with the advanced world. If you fail to move with the changing times, the changing times will force you to change. It is better to change voluntarily over time than to be trained.

“We will struggle to establish a computer-based educational institution and provide the best training for teachers in all areas. In all parts of the advanced world now, learning is from the cradle to the grave, we are going to provide a training ground that will be bipolar, a training ground that will provide primary and secondary school teachers with the right knowledge to mentor juniors. We are going to offer them the opportunity to learn at least one trade before they leave college…”

“Our intention is to bring the management and the board together to lead others, a collaboration between the board and the management will bring a positive movement for the development of education. My goal is to have a perfect synergy between the board and the school management, so that together we can carry out the rest.

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