History Scholarships | Department of History

The department awards scholarships to continuing education students each year.

  • Applications must be completed by February 1st on MyNevada. Go to Student Center, Additional Forms, Scholarship Application.
  • Between February 1 and March 1, you must also send a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies that addresses the following:
    • How many semesters have you been enrolled in your study program
    • Indicate if you have a completed study program
    • If you have a program of study on file, explain any deviations from your program
    • Indicate the date on which you passed your comprehensive exams or the date on which you must take them according to your study program if applicable
    • If you have already received scholarships
    • List any honors, scholarships, publications, organized exhibitions, internships or jobs related to your career goals
    • If you have a teaching assistant position: how many years have you been funded?

  • Ask the director of your graduate studies committee to send a letter or email to the director of graduate studies outlining your progress towards your degree using the letter of recommendation form
  • Optional: a second letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your achievements in your academic work

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