Hawaiian Electric Donates $ 10,000 to Maui Nursing Scholarship Fund

Hawaiian Electric’s Mahina Martin (left) and KÅ«hea Asiu (far right) recently presented a $ 10,000 grant to Maui Nurses Scholarship Fund board members Anne Scharnhorst, Ron Gess and Nancy Johnson.

Maui nurses will receive essential education opportunities thanks to a recent $ 10,000 grant provided by Hawaiian Electric to the Maui Nurses Scholarship Fund. Provided through the Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Fund, the donation will enable continuing education, clinical learning and license renewal for active and clinical nurses in the Maui Health System and students in the University’s Nursing Program. from Hawaii to Maui College.

“Mahalo at Hawaiian Electric for helping to keep our nursing professionals in Maui up to date with rapidly changing health care information and research,” said Nancy Johnson, vice president of the Maui Nurses Scholarship Fund . “The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how important it is to the health and health care of residents of Maui County that our nurses are supported. With our islands currently facing a shortage of nurses, in addition to a grossly overworked nursing workforce, the need remains for continuing education, clinical experience and learning. “

Founded in 1987, MNSF is a voluntary organization that supports the educational needs of the Maui nursing profession. In 2020, the organization assisted 84 nursing students who have served on the front lines of the COVID-19 response since the start of the pandemic, with 68 additional students joining this effort this year. Nurses have helped facilitate COVID testing, immunization, and community education efforts.

This year, 10 Maui Health nurses also received support to complete a review course for the National League for Nursing Certified Nurse Teacher Examination. With Hawaiian nurses required to complete 30 hours of training for their semester license renewal, MSNF support enables nursing professionals to stay on top of advanced treatments, medications and procedures that are part of a changing environment. fast. To learn more about the Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation, see maauinursesfoundation.org.

“We are honored to support nursing professionals on our island and hope more are encouraged to help this group dedicated to serving our frontline communities every day,” said Mahina Martin, Director of Government and Community Affairs for Hawaiian Electric. “In our efforts to help build sustainable communities, we recognize the importance of continuing education and clinical learning for Maui nursing students and our practicing nurses who greatly contribute to the overall health of our communities. . “

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