Godman Akinlabi creates institute to train future leaders

Godman Akinlabi, senior pastor of The Elevation Church, launched the Pistis Life and Leadership Institute (PLLI), a human capital development organization for leaders.

The institute currently offers open enrollment courses in governance and politics, leadership development, business development, and faith ministries.

Speaking at the institute’s launch, Akinlabi said the institute has a vision to build a community of exceptional leaders who will be endowed with the right values ​​to transform societies and impact Africa.

He noted that with a young and rapidly growing population and abundant natural resources, Africa is seen as the next frontier for economic growth, but it needs strong institutions, smart policies and a good leadership to realize its potential.

Akinlabi said the institute is aimed at young people in the millennial age groups and Generation Z.

“Recent events in Nigeria indicate that the failure of leadership is the failure of everything else. Therefore, no other time is as ripe as this for the establishment of a leadership development initiative with a unique and dynamic framework, ”said Akinlabi.

“PLLI intends to provide a unique learning institution powered by a robust digital technology base that will enable the training and development of leaders in different fields of human endeavor. “

Also speaking at the event, Femi Johnson, president of the event, said that PLLI’s essential goal is to change the discourse of bad leadership in Africa by developing a community of people imbued with good values ​​and equipped to bring positive change to Africa.

“PLLI’s unique educational framework aims to create a forward-looking learning experience that will be seen by all as the future of education designed for Africans and the world,” Johnson said.

“He is poised to make a significant contribution to the development of leaders who will transform the African continent. “

Meanwhile, the PLLI announced that it will hold its inaugural course via Zoom on December 5, 2021.

Tagged “Business of Entertainment,” the free, open-ended course will feature popular entertainment personalities as hosts, including record label boss Audu Maikori; Ali Baba, actor; and Kemi Adetiba, director.

It also aims to host a voter registration awareness webinar titled “Making Your Votes Count” scheduled for January 15, 2022, which will be hosted by the institute’s school of governance and politics.

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