Gehlot government under fire from opposition after police confirm leaked Shiksha Sankul REET document

The Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government in Rajasthan has come under fire from the opposition after police investigations confirmed that the questionnaire for the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) – held in September from last year – was leaked two days before the review.

The government had shut down internet services in various locations across the state on days when REET was taking place to prevent cheating. Since irregularities emerged after the scrutiny and role of several people including government officials were analysed, the opposition BJP has demanded a CBI investigation into the matter.

Following the police revelation, the BJP increased the clamor for a CBI investigation.

“After the paper was accepted the day before Shiksha Sankul, it has been fully proven that a great irregularity has taken place in the REETs and this was not possible without the protection of the Gehlot government. The CBI probe becomes more important now because the state government will do everything possible to save the big crocodiles. This is why a neutral inquiry is needed,” BJP Chairman Satish Poonia said.

Members of the ABVP demonstrated Thursday in Jaipur on this subject. The REET took place on September 26.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Special Operations Group (SOG) ADG Ashok Rathore said the question paper was stolen and leaked from the Shiksha Sankul – the sprawling campus in Jaipur where several department offices are located. related to education as well as educational institutions.

“After four months we are able to tell you how the paper was leaked. We arrested two other people, Ramkripal Meena and Udaram Bishnoi. Ramkripal Meena runs an educational institution in Triveni Nagar (Jaipur) and he was employed by the district coordinator of the REET exam. He was working with the Shiksha Sankul coordinator. When the REET questionnaires arrived, Ramkripal Meena stole a questionnaire after opening the envelope. Later, he sealed the envelope and delivered it. It was done on September 24 around 8 p.m.,” Rathore said.

Rathore added that on September 25, Meena handed over the paper to Udaram Bishnoi and has so far received Rs 1.22 crore for it.

Police said that so far 35 people have been arrested for the irregularities.

“We learned that at seven locations in the state, after taking money from exam takers, the defendant taught them the questions and answers for this quiz. We are trying to identify these candidates and we will write to the board to disqualify them. We will also take action against them,” Rathore said.

Earlier, the SOG arrested other defendants in the case, including Bhajan Lal and Batti Lal Meena.

The BJP had alleged last year that State Congress Speaker Govind Singh Dotasra could be seen in photos with Batti Lal Meena and demanded a CBI investigation. Dotasra had denied the opposition allegations and said he did not know the person.

The SOG said efforts are underway to arrest the other defendants involved in the REET paper leak.

PTI reported that BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena on Thursday also reiterated his request for the CBI to investigate the REET-2021 paper leak case, alleging that a minister and a senior official were involved in the leak.

Meena said the tender for printing the question papers was awarded to a printer based in Kolkata, who is an acquaintance of the minister.

“The printer, minister and bureaucrats shared the bribe money after the paper leaked. I will soon provide enough evidence. The case should be investigated by the CBI, and the review should be canceled and restarted,” Meena told reporters.

He also alleged that SOG Inspector Mohan Poswal and Constable Nathu arrested several innocent people in connection with the case, but took no action against the culprits.

Rajasthan United Unemployment Federation chairman Upen Yadav has also demanded a CBI investigation into the matter, in addition to pushing for an increase in the number of vacancies.

He said the state government should introduce an amendment bill in the next session of the Rajasthan Assembly to make paper leakage cases a non-bailable offence.

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