Former students of the Santhome Cathedral Free Primary School meet

On May 29, the class of 1984 from Cathedral Elementary School in Santhome will gather on campus at 11 a.m. to relive the good old days. The organizers of the meeting point out that this is the very first meeting for any group of the institution.

Located in the middle of a cluster of institutions on Santhome High Road, Cathedral School wouldn’t easily ring a bell, but the primary school has a few firsts to its name.

The coeducational Tamil language institution catered to the underprivileged sections of society and offered the gift of education to many first generation learners including those from the fishing community.

For many decades, the institution served as a preparatory ground for students before they moved to Santhome High School, St Raphael Girls High School and other institutions in the neighborhood.

Many of the early batches studied in the building adjoining the premises of the Cathedral Basilica of Santhome, before the school moved to a new campus across the road.

According to Hindu records, the new school building was inaugurated in 2006.

The school started a century ago with just three children from nearby slums. The report notes that Santhome Church used to incur huge costs to run the institute, providing uniforms, stationery, notebooks and bags for children.

“Lunchtime meals would be served. Some of us were adopted by strangers who sent us lots of gifts,” says Israel Devadoss, who is the main organizer.

Margaret Aaron, another teammate, says the school encouraged them to participate in various extracurricular activities. “I remember going to the jubilee celebration where we presented a cultural program,” says Margaret.

Israel says he wanted to organize a reunion inspired by the initiatives of the alumni of the Santhome school.

Edwin Joseph, for example, is an artist from Tanjore. Graduates adorn many professions. “As the majority of us are based in the city, it would be good to network. I also hope to find the contact of other batch mates,” says Israel, adding that they also plan to organize a meeting to other batches.

For more details, contact Israel Devadoss at 7395964933 | 9841728808

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