First Horizon Foundation awards grant to Encore | Business and finance

The First Horizon Foundation has awarded Encore Theatrical Company a grant of $ 3,000 to help enrich the arts in the community.

“This grant will be used to cover the costs of materials and supplies such as scripts, sets, costumes, properties and equipment rental,” said Lisa Biery, director of education for Encore.

Encore Theatrical Company seeks to enrich the quality of life in the Morristown community by providing performance and educational opportunities to youth in the arts through music, dance and drama.

First Horizon officials said one way to achieve this goal was to go to local elementary and middle schools with theater clubs.

“Typically, our local colleges are not equipped, in time or staff, to provide learning opportunities in dance or theater,” said a press release from First Horizon. “By entering schools as a drama club, an after-school activity with its own instructors and its own program, we can provide many more students with exposure to the arts than they perhaps ever would have, by particular at this age. “

Arts organizations across the country are looking for ways to attract younger audiences.

Encore is convinced that by involving middle school students in these learning opportunities, not only improves their appreciation of the craft, but also arouses a desire for lifelong learning, participation and support in activities. similar outside and beyond school.

They are acutely aware of the need for more programming that will begin to attract a more diverse audience, the statement said.

Encore Theatrical Company and First Horizon Foundation believe in the power of the arts.

“Through live performances and educational programs, we provide quality entertainment by creating opportunities for artistic minds in our region to exercise, develop and develop their talents,” the statement said. “By cultivating and promoting the performing arts, we are improving the quality of life in the Lakeway area. “

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