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Chad Duchscher, Rugby

As a farmer in the area for two and a half decades and a father of three in the school system, I think it is important to meet the current needs of Ely Primary School. Our children’s education is so important, and when I look back on my fourth grade math and reading skills that I acquired some 30 years ago, compared to my son’s, it doesn’t there is no comparison.

Education has come a long way during this period. It’s not the same anymore, it’s become much more advanced and individualized, and we need a facility to accommodate that. Years ago one size fits all was the norm, now no child is left behind. With the new special and individualized education comes a need for more space.

Advanced learning areas are not acquired in a hallway or closet at this time. Above all, the safety of our children is of the utmost concern. How many of you walked past our school during pick-up and drop-off hours? It is not the safest environment for our children. Please help our community advance the education, safety of our children, and the future growth of the community by supporting the addition and renovation of Ely Elementary School. Vote YES on December 1st at Rugby High School Gymnasium!

Thank you.


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