DVIDS – News – CIWT Deputy IT Program Director Retires from Civil Service

PENSACOLA, Fla. — James “JimBob” Carragher, retired cryptographic technician, senior collection manager and deputy program director of the Information Technology Division for the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT ), retired for the second time in a ceremony at Information Warfare Training Command’s Corry Station on September 30.

“Seventeen years of civilian service with CIWT is a significant achievement and truly marks a legacy of knowledge that cannot be replaced,” said Cmdr. Josh Dennis, Program Manager, Information Technology Division, CIWT.

Carragher, a native of West Nyack, NY, retired from the Navy in 2005 after serving 30 years, and was hired at the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station (now CIWT) as a program analyst supporting training initiatives in cryptology and information technology.

During his 17 years at the CIWT, Carragher rose to his current position and was instrumental in the success of many training initiatives.

“JimBob has been an integral part of implementing and executing the Sailor 2025 Ready learning block initiatives, Relevant for the Information Systems (IT) Technician and Submarine qualifications of information systems technician (ITS), helping usher in the ‘IT’ of the future training solution,” said Dennis.

He also assisted various Systems Commands (SYSCOM) in receiving Training Support Agency designation for advanced training courses: Advanced Network Analyst, Information Systems Security Manager, Systems Administration and Courses. communication companion – many of which were over 10 years in the making.

Patrick Miller, who has worked with Carragher since 2016 on active duty and then again as a civilian in 2019, said he worked for Carragher on an initiative that was a huge win for CIWT, Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) , Naval Information Warfare Systems. Command and IT workforce as a whole; running the first Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) C School for Sailors in IT to train in a fully federated network environment in the field.

“JimBob is a wealth of knowledge. It includes CIWT, NETC (Naval Education and Training Command), NAVIFOR, OPNAV (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations) and SYSCOM processes and is able to ensure that all stakeholders involved in a project are held accountable for do what they do. are supposed to do,” Miller said.

Additionally, Carragher has been involved in the groundbreaking work of implementing two state-of-the-art training systems: the 3-Dimensional Versatile Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS 3D®); and the CANES Virtual Training Environment, a cloud-based technology that provides training delivery capabilities to rejuvenate advanced mariner training in fleet communications and networked computing environments. These emerging technologies are changing the future of CIWT training and allowing CIWT to continue to modernize its world-class training, while delivering cost savings.

Carragher acknowledged that his greatest reward in public service was witnessing the professional growth of his colleagues and other stakeholders as they worked to train the next generation of information warfare professionals. of the Navy.

He will miss the daily interaction with his CIWT colleagues and external stakeholder teams: “There’s something about that high-speed pace that inspires you to do better!” My personal recipe for success over the years has been to “own” it during the many CIWT training mission assignments.

Captain Chris Bryant, CIWT Commander, acknowledged Carragher’s contribution stating that “JimBob’s work over the past 17 years has been of tremendous benefit to the CIWT and to information warfare professionals who are passed through our schools. He has served the Navy and our country faithfully for nearly half a century. The entire CIWT team wishes him good winds and good seas for his well-deserved retirement.

For the near future, Carragher and his wife, Mayumi, plan to stay in the Pensacola area and spend time with their new grandsons.

“I’ve never owned my own timeline before – with 30 years as a Navy cryptologist, followed by 17 years as a civil servant,” Carragher said. “I haven’t had much experience with an open travel plan, and it’s something Mayumi and I plan to maximize for visiting family and friends and exploring new places.”

With four school commands, two detachments, and training sites across the United States and Japan, the Center for Information Warfare Training trains more than 26,000 students each year, providing trained information warfare professionals to the navy and the joint services. The Center for Information Warfare Training also offers more than 200 courses for crypto technicians, intelligence specialists, information systems technicians, electronics technicians, and officers in the information warfare community.

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