dentalcorp signs exclusive partnership with Risio Institute to drive growth of Certified Dental Assistants

TORONTO, April 22, 2022 /CNW/ – Dentalcorp (TSX: DNTL) from Canada the largest and one of North America fastest growing dental practice networks, today announced an exclusive partnership with the Risio Institute for digital dental education, laying the foundation for a first-of-its-kind talent solution for training new assistants dental clinics through the dentalcorp network.

“Dental assistants are at the heart of every dental practice, but training currently requires students to quit their jobs and self-fund a degree qualification, which not everyone can do,” says Nicholas Deal, director of human resources, dentalcorp. “Risio’s unique offering allows students to continue working and learning on-demand through a high-quality curriculum designed specifically for online learning. This partnership leverages our resources and relationships with the industry to ensure that our practices are ahead of the game by having qualified and quality talent to meet the needs of our network.”

The program will welcome office and administrative assistants already working in Dentalcorp practices, to advance their careers while continuing to work. Additionally, through an apprenticeship-type program, dentalcorp will recruit individuals interested in a career in the dental industry to earn a recognized, employer-funded degree while joining a dentalcorp practice.

The exclusive educational approach of the Risio Institute was designed and developed by the co-founders, Casey Sharpand former Chief of Staff of Dentalcorp, Carey Ann Thurlow. Risio’s flexible online education is nationally available, industry-recognized, fully immersive, and offers diverse learning styles with interactive and engaging audio-visual content. The instructors are best in class, with the in-person clinical modules offering a student to teacher ratio of 5:1.

“Our mission is to create the best dental assistants in their class.”, explains Carey Ann Thurlow, CEO and co-founder of Risio Institute. “Together, Risio and dentalcorp provide a vital opportunity for dental team members through Canada to build their careers while working and make earning a dental assisting degree more accessible. We look forward to leading the way with quality education, in partnership with industry.”

About Dentalcorp
dentalcorp is from Canada the largest and one of North America fastest growing networks of dental practices committed to advancing the overall well-being of Canadians by providing the best clinical results and unforgettable experiences. dentalcorp acquires leading dental practices, uniting its network in a common goal: to be from Canada most trusted health care network. Leveraging its industry-leading technology, expertise and scale, dentalcorp offers professionals the unique opportunity to maintain clinical autonomy while unlocking their potential for future growth. To learn more, visit

On Risio
The Risio Institute Distance Dental Assisting Diploma Program is authorized by Alberta Advanced Education and offers students Canada-wide an opportunity to access and complete their education from remote areas. The mission of the program is to educate individuals through the latest technology in distance learning interactive theoretical modules and cutting edge clinical modules. Our vision is to recognize, build and deliver a program that educates people who may not have access to full-time education. With this online training, dental practices across the country can easily enroll their team, knowing they will have consistent support for a higher success and completion rate.

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