Common Sense Launches ‘Campaign for American Children’ to Raise Awareness of New Child Tax Credit and Other Benefits for Children and Families as Part of President Biden’s US Rescue Plan

$ 10 million campaign to help low- and middle-income families access benefits and advocate for the new child tax credit to be permanent.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Common Sense, the nation’s leading nonprofit advocacy organization that protects children and families in the digital age, announced the launch of the Campaign for the Children of the America, one $ 10 million public awareness initiative designed to ensure low and middle income families are aware of the thousands of dollars in benefits for them made available through President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion American rescue plan.

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The Campaign for America’s Children will feature paid media (Example), grassroots outreach and digital media campaigns, including supporting athletes and influencers in Hollywood, to make sure Americans know about the new benefits and how to access them. The first efforts on the ground will begin in Arizona, California, Georgia, and West Virginia, with plans to expand as additional funds are raised.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, more than 10 million children, or 14% of children living in United States, were considered poor, according to recent statistics on child poverty. Research clearly shows that children who live in poverty for a period of time can experience negative consequences throughout their lives, including lower income and education levels, and poorer health. The new campaign gives Common Sense and its supporters the best chance to ensure that as many eligible families as possible get the help they need following the economic impact of the pandemic.

The campaign highlights the US bailout that President Biden proposed to Congress and which was enacted in March, but has a particular focus on the newly increased child tax credit, which will benefit nearly 90% of children. American children, according to the Center on Budget. and policy priorities, and could reduce child poverty by almost half. Individuals who have filed their 2019 or 2020 tax returns will begin receiving direct monthly IRS Child Tax Credit payments on or about July 15th. But for millions of families who have not yet declared their taxes, or who have not listed a young dependent on their previous declaration, the campaign will remind you that it is not too late to wake up. $ 300/ month per child deposited in their bank account or sent to their home. Additionally, families who sign up for the new child tax credit can now access thousands of dollars in COVID stimulus payments for themselves and their children that they might have missed had they not filed. of income.

Common Sense will use a combination of paid media, digital campaigns and direct outreach to encourage eligible families to learn about the benefits of the US bailout by visiting the campaign website (, where they can access the new IRS Child Tax Credit portal and request child tax credit advance payments. The campaign site also provides information on other benefits funded under the American Rescue Plan and other recent laws, such as funding for affordable high-speed Internet access and home devices, childcare, food aid and rental assistance.

“The US bailout is the most historic piece of legislation for children and families in the United States for more than fifty years,” said the founder and CEO of Common Sense. James P. Steyer. “Now that President Biden and Congress have made a financial commitment to supporting American families this year, we are delighted to work with the administration and other leaders and organizations across the country, many of whom have dedicated their lives to defending the cause of poor and underserved communities. Along with other groups and individual advocates, we will use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that these new benefits reach the families who need them most. And we’re going to be very clear with the administration and Congress that families are counting on them to extend these benefits and make the new child tax credit permanent, so the gains we are making this year are not lost. “

Upon initial launch, Common Sense’s paid advertising campaign will include a texting program, grassroots outreach, and public service announcements distributed on cable and broadcast platforms. Additionally, the non-profit organization partners with a number of groups that have direct contact with eligible families, including the NAACP, Early Childhood Centers Educare, Code for America, the California Association of Food. Banks, Sheltering Arms of Georgia, the Children’s Fund ABC Coalition, the Economic Security Project and other organizations leading the way to help lift underserved communities out of poverty.

The campaign also includes partnerships with dedicated celebrities, such as Rosario Dawson and Alyssa Milano, Harrison barnes of the Sacramento Kings, Child Tax Credit Champions Rep. Rosa DeLauro and American senator Cory booker, and other influencers who will use their social media platforms to encourage their millions of followers to learn more about the economic boost provided by the US bailout.

After the 4th July holidays, the campaign will be in full swing over the next six months to help mobilize the community in targeted communities, such as in Phoenix and Atlanta. Partnering with Educare Arizona and Southwest Human Development, for example, Common Sense will help ensure low-income families in early childhood education settings are aware of the Child Tax Credit and other benefits. and get help signing up if they need it. In Arizona215,000 children, or 13% of children under the age of 18, are considered poor, according to factsheets released by the White House to highlight the impact that the additional investments proposed by the US plan for families of the President Biden might have it in the state.

The recently enacted US bailout law is considered one of the most transformative domestic policy pieces for generations for children and families in low- and middle-income households. The benefits extended by the US bailout and the US family plan proposed by President Biden will lift millions of children out of poverty, help schools reopen, and bridge the digital divide for students and teachers at home. Common sense played a decisive role in securing The US bailout bill funding to support home broadband for K-12 students, and was also a loud voice on the historic increase in the child tax credit.

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