Classification of subjects in computer science and engineering 2022: results announced

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US and UK remain world leaders in IT and engineering, but Australian universities are making huge gains, latest says Times Higher Education subject rankings.

The University of Oxford remains world number one for IT in a top ten otherwise dominated by six US-based institutions. Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology retain second and third places, followed by ETH Zurich in Switzerland and the University of Cambridge.

The University of California at Berkeley drops from ninth to eighth place, highlighting a tendency for California universities to move up the computer science rankings.

The University of California Los Angeles climbs from 16th place to 11th place, the California Institute of Technology goes from 25th place last year to 13th and the University of California at San Diego goes from 37th to 33rd. The University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of California, Davis are also improving their rankings.

The increases are all due to significant increases in industry collaboration scores, as well as improvements in research and teaching, and may reflect geographic ties to Silicon Valley.

American universities generally score higher for industry income through computer science departments than their British counterparts. The average score for work with industry for US universities was 46.2 out of 100 compared to 42.7 for the UK.

California universities score higher than the rest of the United States with an average score of 53. Oxford University scores 46.5 on industry revenues, compared to 92.8 and 84 for Stanford and MIT respectively.

Several Australian universities have jumped in the computer science rankings, with the University of Melbourne dropping from 64th to 51st place and overtaking UNSW Sydney to become the new top institution in the country, and the Australian National University dropping from 65th place. at the 56th.

Australian institutions have also made big gains in engineering rankings; there are now eight in the top 100 compared to seven last year. Every Australian university in the top 100 has improved its ranking this year, with the University of Queensland making the biggest jump from 88 to 66.

However, the top of the engineering rankings is dominated by the United States, with Oxford dropping from second to sixth. Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley now occupy the top three places with virtually the same scores as last year.

ETH Zurich and the National University of Singapore are the only universities outside the US and UK to feature in the top ten for engineering, ranking ninth and tenth, respectively.

The publication of the computer science and engineering rankings follows the publication of four health and science subject rankings last month: clinical and health, life sciences, physical sciences and psychology.

The other five THE the rankings by subject for 2022 will be published on the following dates:

  • October 13 – Social sciences, business and economics, education and law
  • November 3 – Arts and humanities

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