CHNC Seeks To Continue To Bring Medical Cannabis Education To The Middle East With New Brand Ambassador

HOUSTON, TX, Nov.5, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – In CHNC’s continued quest to broaden its horizons while spreading medical cannabis education, a new collaboration has been forged with well-known Drs. Nada AL-Rubaiee.

CHNC is honored to work with someone with such an impressive curriculum. With a BA from Leiden University (The Netherlands) in Biopharmaceutical Sciences, a Masters in Pharmacy from the same school and a Doctor of Health Administration degree from Walden University (USA), his academic achievements can only be matched by his professional skills. Context. During her career, she was Managing Director of Nadafarm Healthcare. In addition, she is currently the owner and director of Lyndensteyn BV Consulting Services where she has developed great leadership and team management skills which have contributed to her success as an ethnic businesswomen from the Netherlands. .

As the new CHNC Brand Ambassador, Drs. Nada would act as an extension of the University of Pharmacology to pursue our goal of creating more international alliances with academic institutions. There is no doubt that this is a growing industry around the world and countries that were traditionally opposed to legalization, such as Lebanon, now see it as an opportunity to help their economy. According to the Lebanese Minister of Economy, medicinal cannabis exports could generate $ 1 billion in annual revenue for the country.

They are not alone in this prediction, as other countries in the region can expect net income from cultivating this plant for medicinal purposes of over US $ 11,000 per hectare per year. The two Drs. Nada and CHNC agree that educational platforms play a key role in the industry, as many of the stereotypes that have been created are the result of a lack of information. Therefore, in this region, access to education will be crucial to make room for this thriving industry.

“We understand the complexities this industry entails and the need to join forces with allies who have the same level of commitment to education as CHNC. We couldn’t have asked for a better rep than Drs. Nada. Her work and tenacity in the industry continue to inspire us to develop new educational options for the public, ”said Jennifer Simbaña – International Market Developer for CHNC.

It is another brick that paves the way for financial success in 2022 while moving closer to our ultimate goal: to be the international leader in education in the medical cannabis industry, in a market that promises to have global legal sales by 2026 of US $ 90.4 billion (Business Wire).

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