“Chess is more than a game to kill time. It provides and strengthens a number of very valuable mental traits which are useful in the course of human life. “- Apoorva Ganapathy


Life is like a game of chess that teaches men to be wise and to be a good strategist. Someone who is good at training and executing strategies will always have an advantage over others with the same skills. A person who is good at formulating strategies to achieve goals analyzes all potential risks and works meticulously towards great success.

A combination of brilliant planning and flawless execution is the key to success. Apoorva Ganapathy, a very talented software engineer from Sagar, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, is a true example of how chess as a game can spur progress in life. Apoorva is a passionate and spirited IT professional with over 15 years of proven experience exceeding the expectations of high priority clients including Royal Mail, Tech Target, AIG Insurance, Hyatt Hotels, Mastercard, AT&T, SiliconLabs and others. , while working on 18 crucial projects. . His former employers are MindTree, Sapient, Artyllect and Intel. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Manipal and a BE in Computer Science from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Bengaluru. He is also an AEM, TOGAF, AWS and PMP Certified Professional, making him a highly efficient architect capable of delivering robust and scalable solutions.

Since her childhood, Apoorva had a deep interest in the game of chess. He comes from a family of chess enthusiasts and learned to play chess at the age of five. His parents, uncle and aunt also adored chess and under their wise guidance Apoorva quickly rose to the top of the chess world, winning the Under-8 State title and representing Karnataka in several competitions. national. Apoorva has participated in over 250 state chess tournaments and over 25 national tournaments. He has won over fifty awards in various age groups and open categories, making his family proud. After moving to Bengaluru, where his father worked for a national textile company, Apoorva won the State Under-15 Championship twice in a row and also won the State Under-19 Championship.

Lack of financial resources never interfered with his dream of being a chess prodigy, and he worked hard to achieve his goal.

Coming from a family of limited means, he couldn’t afford an expensive international level coach to hone his skills. However, the lack of financial resources never disturbed his dream of being a chess prodigy, and he worked hard to achieve his goal. Apoorva traveled to chess tournaments by bus and often had to walk about 4 kilometers loaded with a glittering but heavy trophy on the way home.

Unpleasant experience, not adversities, shifted his focus from chess to technology. Coming home unexpectedly to look for something he had forgotten, Apoorva was surprised to see his mother cry over their empty food stores, confused as to how she would provide dinner for her children. Witnessing her mother’s helplessness, Apoorva decided to ensure that her mother never faced financial constraints. Apoorva continued to play chess for a bit longer, but he focused on shaping his future. He has been a successful researcher during his educational career and competed in several National University Championships as the team captain of the engineering college. To encourage collaborative learning, he has actively led private lessons, highly interactive seminars and even lectured. He even pursued his passion by training young learners in the beautiful game of chess.

Apoorva Ganapathy now works at Adobe as a Senior AEM Engineer and lives in the United States with his lovely wife, Megha Hegde, and their talented and intelligent son, Aryan. He is the author of 25 scientific papers on topics such as artificial intelligence, content management systems, deep learning, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cybersecurity, robotic process automation, the Internet of Things (IOT) and virtual and augmented reality. He is a published author with his articles appearing in some of the most revered scientific journals. His article “AI Fitness Checks, Maintenance and Monitoring of Content and Data Management Systems: A Study of the CMS World” discusses the different factors regarding the use of AI in server maintenance and how the different aspects work to monitor and maintain content and data management systems. Another from his article “Recognition of speech emotions using deep learning techniques” evaluated deep learning methods for detecting speech emotions with accessible datasets, followed by predictable ML methods for SER.

Apoorva’s life has been deeply marked by his passion for chess. Traits and skills such as foresight, in-depth analysis, strategy formulation and execution, and most importantly, improvisation and adaptability have significantly helped him achieve his life goals.

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